Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alternative Energy Sources

Renewable energy is created from naturally occurring events within our world. These natural events are sunshine, water, wind, and geothermal heat. Each energy source is created freely but the cost is incurred when a company harvests the source.

Solar energy comes from the sun and is stored in cells. Many commercial and residential consumers use solar energy to heat their businesses and homes. The solar panels are expensive to purchase but they will pay for themselves as they are used to capture the sun’s rays. Excess energy, which is created by consumers, can be sold back to the power companies, which helps lower energy consumption from non-renewable sources.

Hydroelectric power is generated by flowing water, generally the more forceful flowing of the water the greater the energy output. This is currently the most popular source used in the United States and supplies forty-nine percent of the renewable energy need. The cost of harvesting this type of energy can be costly to the company as well as the local climate. When the Hydroelectric plants are built on the river, the river is channeled or dammed which may conflict the local land environment.

Turbines and windmills harness the wind. Kinetic energy is the air in motion. This type of energy is easy to harness if the climate is windy. The harvesting of this type of energy can be troublesome if there is little wind, too much wind or there is a problem with the turbine itself.  

Geothermal heat in theory is enough to produce sufficient energy for the entire populace. However, this type of energy is harder to harvest the expense of it being deep within the earth’s core. Occasionally geothermal heat is harvested from the areas where the tectonic plates are located. It is cheaper to harvest from these areas because the energy is closer to the surface and does not require drilling into the core.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dealing with a Stalker!

Stalking is a punishable offense here in Pennsylvania as it is in many other states within the United States. Yet, some people feel as if they are above the law when it comes to them. This is a first person experience of dealing with a stalker. 

Because this is now an active case with my local police department I cannot disclose the exact details. A stalker returned to my house after I told him a month earlier that I did not want anything to do with him. When he first knocked on my window, I sure as heck felt in danger until I knew he had left my neighborhood. I should have immediately called the police when he returned at quarter of one on November 15, but I did not. 

Instead I waited until the afternoon to talk with the local police. I was apprehensive in talking to them as he did not harm to me or my property I filed a report and I was told they would go talk with him. They also told me if he comes back to call them and they will be right here. I feel confident they will be here quickly as I live within a few blocks of their station. 

I know realize that I should have called the cops while he was here but I just wanted him off my property. I was so worried about my blood pressure soaring, as a heart patient I know to keep my blood pressure down. I felt I did the right thing, however I know now I did the wrong thing by not filing the report sooner. 

If a stalker comes to your home call the cops immediately do not hesitate at all there. If he or she seems harmless they could be simply buying their time trying to catch you off guard. 

Do not open the door at all if there is a stalker or other unknown person on the other side. Look out the window or simply talk to the person with the door closed. Do not open the door to get a better view! 

I do not think my stalker is a serial killer but serial killers can act sweetly as they lure you into their car or out of your home. Be a responsible person when you have an unwanted person hanging around, do not become a victim.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Print Book Circle 8 Writers! Check it out!

The newest book by the Circle 8 writers is now out. This one is titled ‘If”.  Stories that are more exciting are coming your way once you purchase the book.

The stories of If: Amy Browne: "And So It Begins: the Birth of Paisley" Short (Paisley)story: The kingdom rejoices at the birth of a new princess. If only grandma had been more careful, the baby would not have floated up, up and away.

Andi Caldwell: "Saint Theresa" Short Story: Theresa had something in common with her namesake Saint Theresa: seeking terrible vengeance on those closest to her. If only she had known then what she knows now--that the saint was no saint in her young life, either.

Angel Sharum: "As If You Cared" Short story: If Robert hadn’t been so alienated by his wife’s manic depression, maybe the cure wouldn’t have proved so deadly.

"If You’d Only Listened" Short story: Nobody ever listened to Will, not his mother, not even his best friend Dale—NOBODY! If they had, maybe Will wouldn’t have decided it’s time for Judgement Day. 

"I’m Sorry" Flash story: Sorry, Charlie.

"I Want You Back" Flash fiction: If only Nathan would’ve washed his own dirty shirts.

LL Darroch: "Artemis Unbound" Short story: A scarlet ribbon always around her neck. Oh, dear, if poor Henry had only known or had guessed why his beloved never took it off.

"The Bracelet" Short story: If Mattie can only conjure up fake spirits, how can one that keeps taunting her with a bracelet prove to be too real. 

"UserError" Flash fiction: If you’re going to use a computer to cheat, don’t drink coffee.

“Green Cheese” Flash Fiction: Green Cheese: What if the moon really was made of green cheese?

"Fortress" Poetry: If the past is a dead thing, should a tombstone marks its grave?

Brittany Joy Chadwick "IF" Short story: If Frank could only believe in his Imaginary Friend.

Robert L. Arend "Snow Globe Short story: If only Ralph hadn’t been so ambitious, greedy and selfish, he and his family might not be homeless and struggling to survive the harsh Philadelphia winter. If only he could change their present by changing his past. 

"The Andre Peterson Conspiracy" Short Story: If Sirhan Sirhan didn’t kill Robert F. Kennedy, who did? Time will tell.

~~Goals do not happen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Got a Nook buy a Book

Here are some links to the collection of eBooks I have currently for sale on Smashwoords—books are available in other formats as well.


3x Heart Attack Survivor 14,710 words for $2.99 USD This book contains  my personal story. I share how mine felt and share how I work each day to prevent more heart attacks from occurring. Readers can learn how to prevent their own here as well.

Bipolar Patient’s Guide to Symptoms and Coping Price: $0.99 USD. 3090 words. Published on July 18, 2012. Nonfiction. 
I wrote this guide for newly diagnosed bipolar patients. I am not a doctor or therapist, but I am the wife of a patient. I have learned a lot about this illness and I want to share that knowledge. You are not alone; many people have this illness. I share coping tips, and I share where you can find treatments and support groups.

A best friend’s guide to Inflammatory Breast Cancer Price : $0.99 USD. 4610 words. Published on January 3, 2012. Nonfiction. 
This e-book is for friends who are watching helplessly while their best friend undergoes treatment for inflammatory breast cancer. I discuss the treatments your best friend will undergo and give you ideas on how to help them on this tough road.


Cheaters Never Prosper Price: $2.99 USD. 7150 words. Published on December 13, 2011.
When a spouse or someone you are dating cheats on you, first, you get mad and then most of us at least think about getting revenge. In these three short stories, women take that step and get their revenge. Revenge on a cheater comes in many forms.

Merry Christmas  Darling Price: $0.99 USD. 1740 words. Published on December 6, 2011. . 
Nurse Hollister strolls into work one night and sees the perfect opportunity for her long awaited revenge. The man, who broke her heart years ago, was a new patient in the ICU. Whatever is a girl to do? Why of course she does whatever comes naturally. This short story does contain mild adult situations.

In Plain Sight  Price: $0.99 USD. 2540 words. Published on November 20, 2011. . 
Elmer is a nursing home resident who has dementia and terrorizes the other patients on the floor. Elmer is reliving his younger days in his mind and goes hunting, in reality he is hunting on the nursing home floor.

Price: $0.99 USD. 4360 words. Published on November 19, 2011.  
Ralph is a con man who has spent his life taking whatever he wants. He is the type of man who takes justice into his own hands, no matter the costs. In the end it all catches up to him. His punishment by Saint Peter and God show they both have a sense of humor. This short story lets us see how karma comes around and bites us in the butt when we least expect it.

Paisley Series

The Gift Price: Free! 5710 words. Published on July 25, 2012. Fiction. 
Paisley and Joe are two old friends, who love each other deeply and have for decades. Her royal heritage forbids her from acting out any form of love with a mortal man. Readers will see she often breaks the rules when it suits her, because her heart leads her astray. In this edition of the paranormal romance series, they have a gift exchange straight from the heart.

Sacrifice Price: $0.99 USD. 4700 words. Published on July 25, 2012. Fiction. 
Paisley noticed Joe is not his usual self, what is she to do? Her herbs and poultices can only do so much to help. She spends time some time with a client named Sarah, while contemplating Joe’s condition. When she realizes the extent of his condition, she makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to cure him.

A Paisley Christmas Price: $0.99 USD. 4390 words. Published on December 26, 2011. Fiction. 
Its Christmas time and Paisley is headed home for the Yule festival. Her special friend awaits her, and truthfully, she is more excited about seeing him than she is her family. She is nervous that Joe might be mad at her for saving his life. Come and celebrate Yule in the Eternals with Princess Paisley and her family.

~~Goals do not happen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crazy summer, but I am back on track!

It has been a crazy summer for me and not particularly a good one. However, I must say with hard work and determination things are now moving in a more positive way. Life sure does get crazy when you are focusing on work and family and sometimes you forget about the more important things like living.

This year I have been so driven on creating the multiple streams of income with my eBooks, that I pretty much left the writing sites where I make decent money alone. I realize now in hindsight what a huge error that was. I need to find a way to work on everything during the day so that nothing is left out.  The only way to do that is to write a list in a spreadsheet and follow it daily.

 I simply made a list of all the web sites that I do something on in a column of the spreadsheet. As I do something on that site, I can just simply add a number of articles or ratings I did for it and simply move on to the next. I have also left time at the end of the day for the creative writing, which I love to do. This should keep me focused. 

~~Goals do not happen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~

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