Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheating Spouse Song Collection!

The greatest cheating spouse song I think falls at number eleven in my list! Here is my collection of songs about people having affairs; spouses trying to stop an affair, the aftermath of affair, what the rest of the world see when someone has an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #1
Your cheating heart Hank Williams is a wonderful tune about how you will no doubt tell on yourself for your having an affair. A player will always tell on him or her self through words or actions, this is with out a doubt what will happen when you have an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #2
Thunder Rolls Garth Brooks a tune about a wife who knows her husband has been having an affair, coming back from somewhere he knows he should not have been. Even if you suspect a lover is a player when the reality hits home it knocks you off your feet.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #3
Lying eyes eagles oh yeah, those lying eyes will tell on you. Truth tellers look you in the eyes, and if you cannot look your spouse in the eyes, honestly, because you know you have been lying about having an affair! Your lying eyes will tell on you without a doubt.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #4
Daytime Friends Kenny Rogers a tune about a cheating couple who shake hands by the light of the day, everyone knows they are having an affair but they try to hide it. Truth be told everyone knows, it is clear in your body language and the looks you give each other!

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #5
Linda on my Mind Conway Twitty is a tune about a man admitting his lover is on his mind as he goes about his normal everyday life. I love his voice, it is one of my favorites of all time, and I guess every good singer has to do a song about an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #6
If loving you is wrong, I do not want to be right Barbara Mandrell is the story about a woman in love with a married man, and she is questioning the validity of that love. It is the classical other woman tune of the playing spouse equation.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #7
Ruby Kenny Rogers here is a great tune about a man begging his wife woman not to take her love to town and have an affair, but instead keep it at home with him, as it should be.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #8
Jolene Dolly Pardon a woman-to-woman tune about a woman begging a woman to not take her man. Trust me if a man wants to play there is nothing a woman can do to stop him, it is a great song, nonetheless but the original version is so much better with all the passion.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #9
Don't cheat in our Hometown byRicky Scaggs, this one should be a no brainier, but how many fools do play in their hometown and are surprised when they are busted for having an affair. My ex was a player at a local restaurant; he would be in the lounge area while our daughter worked in the kitchen, how awful of him to put our daughter in that situation!

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #10
You are not woman enough to take my man Loretta Lynne here is one of the great songs about a woman telling yet another woman that she is not good enough to take her man. If you ever watched the movie about Loretta Lynne's life, you will know this is based on a true event in the singer's life and what a strong message she sent to her husband when she caught him having an affair by writing this second greatest cheating spouse song.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #11
Blame it on your lying cheating heart by Patty Loveless an awesome song of love gone wrong because of an affair! In the weeks following the end of my marriage, I played this one song often and loud as I healed from the trauma and embarrassment. This is the greatest cheating spouse song, in my opinion.
I hope you enjoyed my greatest cheating spouses songs!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cheating Spouse Gifts on the Anniversary of Your Wedding Day

The top gifts you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day, is written for those of us who used to celebrate but no longer do. I hope all readers see the humor in this one as I enjoy writing articles poking fun at cheating spouses.

The seventh top gift to give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is all the toys in the marital closet! Just toss them in a box, wrap it up all pretty like, and add a card. The card can be a nice little poem about how glad you are that they are not in your life any longer, or you can just leave it blank. If you do not have, the marital toys then figure out something like all his wd-40 right in with his clothes.

The sixth top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is all the wedding photos minus your face. Again just, wrap it up in a nice box and send it over. They will appreciate the gesture, not but it will be funny just the same!

The fifth top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is a box full of broken items, smashed wedding VCR tapes, and all the gifts that spouse has given you.

The fourth top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is to add 'accidentally' is a recent photo of you smiling brightly with your new non-cheating beau. If you place it where the cheating spouse will see it when he or she comes to pick up the kids for the weekend it makes for a dramatic effect.

The third top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is to appear in the outfit or one close to what you wore on that day, not the formal wear or pajama's but the street clothes. It is a visual reminder of what they threw away.

The second top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day if you are still with them, send them flowers or a balloon bouquet at work and the congratulations card should say something to the effect of I know what you did and we are headed for a nasty divorce. What better gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day?

The top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is a singed copy of self prepared divorce papers, along with a note that says 'here's the best anniversary present you could ever give me, please pay the filing fees and get out of my life. Sign it with Thank you and your new name, hey as well all know please and thank you are a good thing to add to any gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Living with Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a not just another medical phase for me, it is a way of life and one I have dealt with for too long already. There is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis currently, so unless one is found or it just vanishes from my body, I must deal with it as the flare-ups occur.

I am very fortunate to have only had a few bad flare- ups with the rheumatoid arthritis within the past eight years that have required more then a few days worth of heavy Motrin, and I credit that with diet, mediation, aromatherapy and keeping a positive mind and body connection.

Diet, not a weight loss diet, but a healthy diet can help diminish the pain we feel during a flare-up with the rheumatoid arthritis. Red meats are typically though of as having a bad side effect of triggering an episode so I typically do not eat red meat. Do not get me wrong I enjoy a nice well-done cheeseburger just as much as the next person, but I very rarely have the cheeseburger.

The Mayo Clinic says there is no proof that eliminating some foods from the diet actually works, but I notice the difference when I eat certain food. Some people and even doctors will tell a rheumatoid arthritis patient that extra doses of fish oil, vitamins c, and e will help reduce the pain along with citrus fruits.

This site Alternatives 4 Arthritis gives a listing of foods that some people have given up in order to lead a less painful life when they have rheumatoid arthritis. I also have limited my intake of cheese, chocolate, caffeine, and processed meats because they are known migraine triggers I am not sure if they are also keeping my rheumatoid arthritis flare ups to a minimal amount I can handle.

Mediation is also something I do for the rheumatoid arthritis as well as the migraines and I do feel it helps. When I do have a painful flare-up and feel the need for extra pain relief I will slip into deep meditation and direct the white light towards whatever part is being affected during the time.

The white light for those who may not know about it, it a pure form of positive mental energy that you send from your mind to the affected areas and it is for pain relief. I choose to listen to deeply relaxing music as I mediate and it is usually soft music with the beach sounds as well. It works wonderfully to reduce the pain of my rheumatoid arthritis when used with Motrin.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way of helping your other treatments work better when you have a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up. I choose to use vanilla or peppermint, to make me feel better, such as my rice bags have cinnamon and a vanilla stick closed within, and I burn peppermint or vanilla candles during mediation.

During a painful rheumatoid arthritis flare-up that I cannot shake, I will take a very warm bath with vanilla bath crystals, and burn a vanilla candle as I soak and meditate. The deep relaxation, aromatherapy, and warm water will usually bring some much-desired relief from the rheumatoid arthritis.

Lastly keeping a positive mind and body connection is important to me to keep the painful flare ups of rheumatoid arthritis to a minimum. I listen to my body, when it says take a rest I do so, listening to your body can help immeasurably in the fight against rheumatoid arthritis. 

Currently I am a freelance writer working from home, I often find myself sitting in a chair. I force myself to get up at least once an hour and do some activity such as dishes, vacuuming or general housework. I have learned that if I sit or stand too long it will cause pain and I simply I do not have the time for pain.

I try to control my rheumatoid arthritis so that it does not control me, perhaps some will bulk at my methods, but they work for me. My rheumatologist knows I only see him as I need to and that I would rather try natural alternatives to medications, and he says that is fine as long as I am comfortable.

I am very fortunate not to experience the awful flare-ups that some patients report with rheumatoid arthritis, and for that, I am thankful.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alternative Energy Sources

Renewable energy is created from naturally occurring events within our world. These natural events are sunshine, water, wind, and geothermal heat. Each energy source is created freely but the cost is incurred when a company harvests the source.

Solar energy comes from the sun and is stored in cells. Many commercial and residential consumers use solar energy to heat their businesses and homes. The solar panels are expensive to purchase but they will pay for themselves as they are used to capture the sun’s rays. Excess energy, which is created by consumers, can be sold back to the power companies, which helps lower energy consumption from non-renewable sources.

Hydroelectric power is generated by flowing water, generally the more forceful flowing of the water the greater the energy output. This is currently the most popular source used in the United States and supplies forty-nine percent of the renewable energy need. The cost of harvesting this type of energy can be costly to the company as well as the local climate. When the Hydroelectric plants are built on the river, the river is channeled or dammed which may conflict the local land environment.

Turbines and windmills harness the wind. Kinetic energy is the air in motion. This type of energy is easy to harness if the climate is windy. The harvesting of this type of energy can be troublesome if there is little wind, too much wind or there is a problem with the turbine itself.  

Geothermal heat in theory is enough to produce sufficient energy for the entire populace. However, this type of energy is harder to harvest the expense of it being deep within the earth’s core. Occasionally geothermal heat is harvested from the areas where the tectonic plates are located. It is cheaper to harvest from these areas because the energy is closer to the surface and does not require drilling into the core.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dealing with a Stalker!

Stalking is a punishable offense here in Pennsylvania as it is in many other states within the United States. Yet, some people feel as if they are above the law when it comes to them. This is a first person experience of dealing with a stalker. 

Because this is now an active case with my local police department I cannot disclose the exact details. A stalker returned to my house after I told him a month earlier that I did not want anything to do with him. When he first knocked on my window, I sure as heck felt in danger until I knew he had left my neighborhood. I should have immediately called the police when he returned at quarter of one on November 15, but I did not. 

Instead I waited until the afternoon to talk with the local police. I was apprehensive in talking to them as he did not harm to me or my property I filed a report and I was told they would go talk with him. They also told me if he comes back to call them and they will be right here. I feel confident they will be here quickly as I live within a few blocks of their station. 

I know realize that I should have called the cops while he was here but I just wanted him off my property. I was so worried about my blood pressure soaring, as a heart patient I know to keep my blood pressure down. I felt I did the right thing, however I know now I did the wrong thing by not filing the report sooner. 

If a stalker comes to your home call the cops immediately do not hesitate at all there. If he or she seems harmless they could be simply buying their time trying to catch you off guard. 

Do not open the door at all if there is a stalker or other unknown person on the other side. Look out the window or simply talk to the person with the door closed. Do not open the door to get a better view! 

I do not think my stalker is a serial killer but serial killers can act sweetly as they lure you into their car or out of your home. Be a responsible person when you have an unwanted person hanging around, do not become a victim.