Monday, September 29, 2014

70s Trivia, TV, Music, And More

Who does not like a bit of trivia that jog your memory and make you feel good! Here is some trivia from the 70s and I hope it challenges you to some degree!
Feeling a wee bit nostalgic today, remembering fun childhood times I am in a good mood. Today we are going to play a game you and me, with me asking the questions and you dear reader answering the questions with some trivia from the 70s. There is no prize for this contest, just a feeling of pride.
Who popularized the saying 'sit on it" back on a hit television show in the 70s.
Who popularized the saying 'kiss my grits and when pigs fly" back on a hit television show in the 70s.
Archie Bunker from the hit 70s show "All in the family" called his son in law Michael by what edible name. Name the family, if you can.
Who were shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island along with Gillian in the 70's show by the same name?
Eight is enough was a great family show in the 70s about a single dad who was raising a bunch of kids on his own. Can you name them all?
Jamie Somers and Steve Austin each had their own television hits in the 70s, what were those hit shows, and what did they have in common.
Name the family from the Brady Bunch television show in the 70s from bottom to top.
Station 51 was the on duty home to a bunch of firefighters and two paramedics in this hit series in the 70s. What was this show? Where did the paramedics transport their patients too?
Mash 4077 was an awesome 70s television show into the fictional lives of Hawkeye Peirce, Honeycutt and Hot Lips. The unit has memorable characters with Radar and Klinger. Tell me dear readers Radar slept with something all the time, what was it, and what was his favorite drink when stressed? Klinger as we all remember was trying to get out of the army, by pretending he was what? What was the name of the tent that Honeycutt, Pierce, and Winchester shared?
What was the name of the hit 70's television series that stared a poor family in the ghetto with a dad missing most of the time? What was the mom's real name and what is the older son most famous for doing in the show? Who was buffalo butt? What was Wilona adopted daughter's real name?
Here comes your answers, hope you are enjoying the walk down memory lane with me today.
Who popularized the saying 'sit on it" back on a hit television show in the 70s. This saying was popularized by the Fonz who was leather wearing motorcycle driving cool sexy man. Ayeeeeeeee . Do you remember any of the Cunninghams?
Who popularized the saying 'kiss my grits and when pigs fly" back on a hit television show in the 70s. That was none other than the scars tic yet lovable Flo on Alice. Florence Jean Casselberry as she was know, was a wise cracking vibrant red headed waitress at Mel's diner.
Archie Bunker from the hit 70s show "All in the family" called his son in law Michael by what edible name. Name the family, if you can. Meathead was the name Archie called his son-in-law who was married to Gloria, and they were the parents of little Joey. Archie was married to Edith who he often called dingbat.
Who were shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island along with Gillian in the 70's show by the same name? The professor, Mary Anne, Ginger, the skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Howell were shipwrecked with the dingy Gillian.
Eight is enough was a great family show in the 70s about a single dad who was raising a bunch of kids on his own. Can you name them all? Nicholas was the baby, Tommy, Elizabeth, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, David, and Mary these were the children Tom Bradford was rising on his own after his first wife died.
Jamie Somers and Steve Austin each had their own television hits in the 70s, what were those hit shows, and what did they have in common. The bionic woman and six million dollar man each had body parts that were bionic that help them run fast among other things.
Name the family from the Brady Bunch television show in the 70s from bottom to top. Cindy, Bobby, Jan, Peter, Marsha, and Greg and the parents were Mike and Carol. Alice was the housekeeper who had a boyfriend Sam who was the local butcher.
Station 51 was the on duty home to a bunch of firefighters and two paramedics in this hit series in the 70s. What was this show? Where did the paramedics transport their patients too? Emergency was the name of the show while Roy and Johnny were the paramedics who took patients to Rampart General.
Mash 4077 was an awesome 70s television show into the fictional lives of Hawkeye Peirce, Honeycutt and Hot Lips. The unit has memorable characters with Radar and Klinger. Tell me dear readers Radar slept with something all the time, what was it, and what was his favorite drink when stressed? Klinger as we all remember was trying to get out of the army, by pretending he was what? What was the name of the tent that Honeycutt, Pierce, and Winchester shared? 
Radar slept with a teddy bear and drank grape knee-highs. Klinger wanted a section 8 and pretended to be crazy by wearing dresses often. The swamp was the name of the tent shared by the unlikely three.
What was the name of the hit 70's television series that stared a poor family in the ghetto with a dad missing most of the time? What was the mom's real name and what is the older son most famous for doing in the show? Who was buffalo butt? What was Wilona adopted daughter's real name? 
Good Times had Michael, Thelma, and JJ as the children with their mom Flordia or flo for short as a family struggling to make it. Buffalo Butt was the building's maintenance person who really did not do much but complain. The real name of the adopted daughter was none other then Janet Jackson.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Paper Toilet Seat Covers. Are They Effective?

Paper toilet seat covers are in many public bathrooms but how much protection do they offer anyone? Are these for a valid reason or simply a peace of mind endeavor for millions of Americans and tourists that come to our great nation?
Recently while surfing on yahoos ask a question site, I ran across an article about those paper toilet seat covers. I know many women who swear by them but I too have often wondered the safety factor in using these. As a health professional, I know that germs are everywhere humans venture.
The reality of public restrooms is they are public and while you will not catch, a sexually transmitted disease from sitting on them you may get sick otherwise. Herpes and the rest of the sexually transmitted diseases are not attainable from toilet seats, simply because they cannot live without a human host for very long. They die within a few minutes of leaving a human body, so they do not last long on a toilet seat or any other surface. A paper toilet seat cover will not help you in this way.
The only way you will catch a sexually transmitted disease is if you have sex on the toilet itself with a person who has a disease. Since not too many people care to have sex in public bathrooms, the chance of you catching a sexually transmitted disease off a toilet seat is non-existent even with a paper toilet seat cover.
Germs, which cause other types of illnesses such as a virsus, can be found upon a toilet seat as well, but it is extremely rare you can catch anything in this way. However, the person before you would have had to wipe the germs on the seat, and you would have to wipe your hands on the seat in the right place. Then you would have to touch your nose or mouth to get the germs inside your body and you would never do that.
So what good are these paper toilet seat covers to those of us who use them? It provides peace of mind to us, that we will have a clean dry bottom.
Convenience stores and gas stations, well I never venture into those bathrooms unless it is an emergency because of the dribbles. Dribbles are spots of urine left on the toilet seat by men and women who rush the urination process leaving a mess. We have all seen them before, you know what I am speaking of. In cases of emergency, I will toss a paper toilet seat covers on the seat itself and use my shoed foot to push around the paper toilet seat covers soaking up the dribbles and kick it into the toilet itself. Then I will toss yet another paper toilet seat covers on the seat for peace of mind.
The real germs can be found where people touch with their hands such as the faucets, soap dispensers, and doorknobs the paper toilet seat cover will not help here. When you are done washing your hands, use the paper towel to turn off the faucets, and open the door. You can always dispose of the paper towel in a near by garbage can on the outside of the bathroom after you exit.
If you buy the paper toilet seat covers, keep on purchasing them but please remember they do little more then offer peace of mind to the millions who use them on a daily basis. Source:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Skunk Odor Get Rid of it Easily

Getting rid of skunk odor is a problem; unfortunately, there are very few ways of getting rid of it. If you or a pet have ever been sprayed by a skunk you know what I am talking about, right? Skunk order is extremely hard to get rid of, that is for sure.
There are a few ways to remove the skunk odor, and tomato juice is not one of those ways, as most people believe. The way to get rid of skunk odor is by using a quart of fresh peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda, and a teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Then you will need to wash with the mixture when it is still bubbling.
That formula was developed by chemists so you know it will work, but this is something that we had to deal with recently in a personal way. My son Alex is spending some time with friends and one of them Dakota was sprayed by a skunk. Alex returned home to search on the internet on the amounts of tomato juice to get rid of the skunk smell. That is when we learned that tomato juice does not work it simply masks the smell.
Dakota's mom mixed up this mixture so he could rub it all over his body to get rid of the skunk smell. It worked and worked well, but it did stink. It was a better smell then the skunk odor thought.
Dakota was putting his bike in the garage for the night, and a skunk was going through the garbage can in the garage. The boy scared the skunk and it reacted naturally. It is worth mentioning that in small towns all across the nation skunks do enter yards, garages, and on occasion homes where they do surprise people.
Dakota was sprayed by the skunk at close range, prompting quick reaction, but after spraying him, it ran under the family's only vehicle so his mom could not go get supplies. This is why my son came to me to head to Wal-Mart to buy the peroxide and baking soda. I grabbed two pints of it because although this boy needed only one I knew that he might need another bath soon in the mixture. It is far better to be prepared then not, you know.
The peroxide neutralizes the skunk odor and will remove it far better then plain soap and water on people and pets as well. To remove skunk spray from clothing and fabric furniture it takes a different form here.
Febreeze or simply green will clean the odor out of fabric covered furniture, and clothes. Do not use the peroxide mixture because it does bleach fabrics. To clean fabrics simply wash them with soapy water, use a good hand washing detergent like dawn to neutralize the odor then wash the items in the washing machine. Hang all clothing on the line, rather than baking in the smell with the dryer.
For outside furniture use bleach and water mixture on metal or wood, using color safe bleach if you do not want the furniture to fade. You can use this mix on your patio as well to clean off the odor.
In closing tomato juice does not work, it simply masks the skunk odor, but if you do not wish to use the peroxide mix on your pet use tomato paste it will mask the odor. To get rid of the skunk odor you must use the mixture of a quart of fresh peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda, and a teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Use this mixture as often as needed to get rid of the smell, but avoid open wounds.
Personal experience

Monday, September 8, 2014

Banana Bread Recipe with No Eggs

Banana Bread is comfort food to many who have tasted a nice moist loaf still warm from the oven. I have a banana bread recipe that does not use eggs so those among us with egg allergies can now enjoy this comfort food fresh from the oven.
This banana bread recipe will make at least four loafs, so that means you can freeze the extras or pass one along to a special friend. There is a single mom or perhaps an older couple in your neighborhood who would love a fresh loaf of banana bread.
One and a half cups shortening (margarine works)
3 cups white sugar
Four and a half cups all-purpose flour
1-tablespoon baking soda
1-tablespoon salt
Four teaspoons of vanilla
Nine ripe bananas
Mash the nine ripe bananas in a bowl and set aside. Some people choose to use a fork to mash the fruit but I prefer to use a potato masher. It works wonderfully for this purpose. Go ahead and heat your oven to 350 degrees.
In another bowl cream the sugar and shortening and add in the rest of the ingredients. Once it is mixed well stir in the mashed bananas. Pour your batter in to prepared pans and bake for 1/2 an hour or so or until they are done. With half an hour the aroma of warm banana bread will fill your house.
There is no steadfast rule that says you must make banana bread in the loaf pans and it is done quicker if you put it in small round cake pans as I do. I also make it in pie tins, and loaf pans, so it really just depends upon my mood when I decide to bake.
Personally, I enjoy a nice slice of banana bread still warm from the oven with a thin layer of margarine or real butter on it. I only eat one though, or perhaps a second thin slice as I know this is a known migraine trigger. Any warm fruit bread from the oven is a known migraine trigger, but it is fine once it cools down and will not trigger one of the awful headaches.
Next time you make a batch of banana bread why not toss in a half cup of chocolate chips into the loaf pan before you pour in the batter. This is an awesome addition and is perfect for anyone who loves the banana and chocolate combination.
A warm slice of banana bread served on a small plate with a dollop of cool whip and your favorite coffee is the perfect way to relax on a cool summer night.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Duct Tape and Its Creative Uses

There are many uses for duct tape, and you can find web pages created on this topic all over the internet. Within my family and circle of friends over the past 20 years, I have seen duct tape in some unusual places and that is the focus of this article.
Creative uses for duct tape
I had gone the home of a friend back in 1985 to a party and the man of the house had attempted to create a beer refrigerator out of this old refrigerator. He struggled to make the hole for the faucet for sometime before he passed out that night. Good thing he passed out because his wife was livid when she had seen what he had done. When he woke up later the next day, she was still angry about it and said they needed a refrigerator for food and not for his beer. She threw him out along with his refrigerator, which he attempted to fix with duct tape.
Creative uses for duct tape
I was reminded of that use for duct tape when I returned home from camping two weeks ago and seen duct tape in my own refrigerator. My eighteen-year-old son decided not to go camping with us, but remained at home. While he was, taking care of some things in the door of the refrigerator, that bar which holds items inside safety broke and was not fixable. He then preceded to use duct tape where the bar should have been and claimed it fixed. So now, in my refrigerator I have orange duct tape in my white refrigerator.
Creative uses for duct tape
When my brother became a single parent to his four children money got suddenly tight as he was minus the other income in the family. He spent all his money on his children, their needs, and the household bills. This left little for him when his own clothes wore out, so when his winter jacket got a hole in the elbow he grabbed a piece of duct tape and slapped it on. That worked well until Christmas time when Santa gave him a new jacket via our parents.
Creative uses for duct tape
A few years ago, there was an old farmer who lived nearby and rather then buy a new pair of work boots just because the sole began to come off he added duct tape and it worked for him.
Creative uses for duct tape
Living within a five-minute drive to the New York border, I realize some of the hidden differences between the states. The cars in New York, do not have to be as thoroughly inspected as the cars here in Pennsylvania, so occasionally you do see cars with large rust holes in them that would be junked in Pennsylvania driving with New York plates. Some owners allow the holes to remain and some just duct tape the holes.
Creative uses for duct tape
I seen a bumper duct taped to a car, yes imagine that but the funniest thing I saw was on an old ford truck. The tailgate was bright yellow duct tape, I walked passed the truck and seen this first hand. There was no metal tailgate on this truck it all it was 100 percent yellow duct tape. They say that duct tape is strong but wonder if the owner ever carried anything in the back.
Creative uses for duct tape
My friend who is a police officer had a strange unusual call on day and he and his partner responded. The caller stated she was trapped in her bedroom and unable to free herself. The officers found her duct taped to the bed, as one would expect to find someone handcuffed for pleasure. Her boyfriend had used the duct tape with her permission and then had passed out shortly after tying her up. So how did she call? Her five-year-old daughter dialed the phone.
Creative uses for duct tape
Around the campsite, there are several uses for duct tape, but one that works really well is to duct tape to smaller tarps together to cover multiple picnic tables placed near one another. As the wind whips around the tarps stay together as the duct tape truly is reliable to withstand the extreme wind that sometimes happens.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Recreational Ativities in Boston

Recreational activities for senior citizens in Boston Massachusetts are plentiful, and there is something for everyone. If you are headed to Boston on a trip, relocating there or if you simply live in Beantown, you need this information.
TD Bank North Garden
100 Legends Way, Boston, MA, 02114 (617) 931-2000
This is the place to be if you want to watch the Boston Bruins or Celtics play, or catch some on the music industry greats while you are in Boston. This building opened in 1995 and has had a host of top rated concerts, and millions of people have enjoyed countless games, shows and other fun events right here.
Senior citizens can enjoy a casual dinner, or a more relaxed dinner before the game or event because there is a restaurant on every level here with the building. You can have a limo drop you off, or simply use one of the nearby parking lots to park cars while you attend the events in the building.
New England Aquarium
One Central Wharf, Boston, MA, 02110
(617) 973-5200 extension 617
At the New England Aquarium, senior citizens and other people n this Boston Massachusetts location will learn about plenty of underwater life, but there are also several movie screens and even a planetarium. Eat a meal at the Reef, try your hand at trivia contest or simply sit back and enjoy the meal. This summer you can learn about the water life from all over the world and see those animals swimming in their carefully recreated natural habitats.
The New England Aquarium also records the underwater life in action to show at different times, and while you are in the building perhaps, you will meet a diver. Senior citizens in Boston can also learn what the animals eat and how they are taken care of in the behind the scene tours.
Boston Common
Boylston and Charles Streets, Boston, MA, 02116 (617) 635-4505
The Boston Common is just about the oldest public park in the United States and it is almost 50 acres in size. This means there is usually a wide range of things to see in this public park, which is accessible to those people among us with disabilities who require specialized items.
This public park marks the start point of the famous Freedom trail, but before the American Revolution the British troops camped here before moving on to begin the war. In the early 1800's public hangings occurred here as well. The Boston Common is full of history, and is wonderful to visit. Currently in the spring, summer and fall senior citizens can attend concerts, baseball games, festivals and other fun events designed to enlighten and delight audiences of all ages. If you enjoy ice-skating, frog pond inside the Boston Common is a great place to visit.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hurricane Agnes 1972 Pennsylvania

Hurricane Agnes created much havoc in my hometown and even as a child, those memories are still within me. Every time I hear of another hurricane hitting the United States, I am reminded of those memories.
In 1972, it was just a few short months before my 6th birthday, in the sleepy little town of Athens Pennsylvania when Hurricane Agnes struck. Highway 220 was just being built across the Chemung River in Athens and I remember standing on the area and seeing huge tress go down the river. The river, which used to be small, was now huge and extended into the town. I was so glad that we lived on the hill and were safe from this water.
I asked my dad with wide-eyed wonder what caused all this water to come to our town, and he replied it was Hurricane Agnes. At that point I had no clue just what that meant, but I knew it was bad just the same. The entire borough of Athens Pennsylvania was under water, and it got much worse as you went into downtown.
My family stood on the highway while my dad and other men walked Ralph's cows up from a barn to the railroad tracks and finally to the highway where they would put those cows in trucks to transport them to safety. The cows were taken to various farms in the country for safety reasons, and seeing those men put the cows on the trucks was unreal. Those cows were survivors of Hurricane Agnes because Ralph's friends and fellow farmers helped him as a small community does in a natural disaster.
From this point on the highway, one could see much more of the town, and much more of the floodwaters that were causing untold damage to the town. I see a house float down the river that really scared me. There were cars, trucks and huge uprooted trees just floating as if they were toys, I remember saying to my family that I wished this bad water would go away. Hurricane Agnes had caused major damage north of us, and some of that debris was floating past us as well.
Of course, during the flood you could not get into downtown by food, but after the water settled boats would go down Main Street and reveal the horror of it all. Water up to the second floors of buildings, and those building that had cellars in them was flooded as well. The main elementary school was flooded up to the third floor, while your post office received water quite high as well. I remember seeing images of the post office, it looked like a building on an island, and it appeared scary as was all of Hurricane Agnes.
I went down with my parents to help their friends Leona, Donnie, and Susie clean out the Tioga Point hotel, which was their bar. Mud covered every surface on the main floor and was two to three inches on the second floor. The parking lot had so much mud on it that you sank down quite a few inches, it made a sucking noise when you lifted a foot to take a step. My parents, along with countless other people help clean this bar up and got this family back into business.
After my parents helped there a few hours one day we went up to Ralph's house where the cows were rescued and his big two story yellow house was still standing but had been moved off the cellar, which was full of mud. There was a wooden plank from the ground, stretching over the three-foot span to get to the house. My dad told me that the mud there was at least eight foot deep, and I could not fathom how deep that was, but I knew it was bad. The house was destroyed by Hurricane Agnes, along with everything inside, so there was no option but to tear it down. A trailer was put on the property and Ralph and his wife never rebuilt their home.
Several families that were friends of our family were now homeless by Hurricane Agnes, and I remember us kids sharing our toys with some of them. Shirley and Ed, got a new trailer that was temporary because their house was destroyed, Paul and Grace left the downtown area and choose to build a house out in the country on a huge hill. The floods wiped out almost a hundred homes in our small town, including the two that sit on the lot where my own home was built in 1993.
FEMA supplied trailers to lots of families like Shirley and Ed who had four small children, and the Red Cross provided clothes. Friends and other family member provided what they could, and everyone helped each other as best they could. All over town, people were helping other people and Hurricane Agnes brought the community together.
The President would declare Pennsylvania a disaster area and damage from Hurricane Agnes would exceed 2.3 billion dollars while the total damages for the country would exceed 3.1 billion. Over 117 people were confirmed dead within the United States from Hurricane Agnes and 48 of those deaths occurred in Pennsylvania.
Old timers around here said this was a hundred year flood meaning that a flood like this only occurs every hundred years. There are dikes on the rivers now, which are very high, but I wonder if another flood like the one that came with Hurricane Agnes , comes again will the dikes hold it back?
This article was written from my personal memories of Hurricane Agnes, which occurred in late June 1972. Our town learned valuable lessons from this flood as did our neighbors in surrounding areas up and down the Susquehanna and Chemung rivers, which merge just below Athens. The river is something we never take for granted any longer, as we, all know if it happened once it can happen once more.
To learn more about Hurricane Agnes and the damage it caused read the following links.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Venison Roast Without the Gamey Taste

To cook a venison roast is easy and if done properly it will not leave that gamey taste in your mouth. You need to select a nice venison roast, and toss it in a pan with onions, peppers and drown it in cold water, are the instructions my father gave me when he taught me how to cook a venison roast.
One large venison roast
One large green bell pepper
One large onion
Salt, pepper, and garlic to taste
Water, a deep pan and of course a cutting board
Water and the pan:
The amount of water needed depends on the size of the pan in which you will cook the venison roast. You will need a deep pan that has a cover, which will seal in the juices and aromas, but do not use a pressure cooker pan for this one.
Preparation of the meat:
Take your venison roast and cut it into smaller pieces you can chop, dice, or slice the meat, it really does not matter. However, it does cook quicker and is easier to serve if it is in bite-sized chunks at the table. There is no need to scrape fat off this meat, because there is extremely little fat here. When the meat is all chopped place it in a pan, but do not turn it on just yet.
Chop the onions and peppers into small pieces and toss them on the venison roast in the pan, add salt, pepper, and garlic until it looks right according to my dad. Now go ahead, cover all the meat and vegetables with water, and turn the burner on low and allow it too cook for until it breaks apart easily with a fork.
As the venison roast cooks, you will need to replace the water as needed, but always make sure it there is water in the pan. It is this cooking method, which removes that gamey taste. The gamey taste is what leaves the roof of your mouth feeling funky and it is why most people do not enjoy a nice venison roast.
When the meat is done, you will notice that it flakes easy with a fork and there is a nice gravy base in the pan. Go ahead and make some gravy so serve over the venison roast or the mashed potatoes.
Serve this delectable venison roast with real mashed potatoes, or even boiled potatoes but there is no reason to screw up this meal with boxed potatoes.
If you are lucky enough to have left over venison roast and that yummy gravy then it is wonderful to heat the gravy on low, chop the remaining meat into the gravy, and pour it over fresh hot pancakes!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Keep Bees and Mosquitoes Away Naturally

With summer time picnics and other outdoor activities fast approaching, we need to exercise common sense. Bugs, bees, ants, snakes and other creepy crawlies will soon be everywhere and will no doubt cause many problems to many people so I have some quick common sense tips to share to make your summer time fun more enjoyable.

Bees and mosquitoes love sweet smells and with so many shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and lotions having wonderful smells it is time to go with unscented products. This will do wonders in reducing the amount or pests that you will attract to you because of the way you smell.

Mosquitoes carry west mile virus and many other types of diseases so it is far better to keep them at bay always. My grand daughter has allergic reactions to them as many people do, so a mosquito repellent is always a great idea.

Standing water is a well-known breeding area, so get rid of any cans, pails, old tires or any containers around your property, which collect water where these pests congregate and breed. Early spring is the perfect time to do this, as it is before the majority of mosquitoes are not around yet.

If you have a short bowl pour a cup of water in it along with some lemon fresh joy and set it in the area but away from the people at your picnic. The mosquitoes are attracted to it, they partake of it, and they drop dead, this will mean fewer bites for you.

When my adult niece Jessica was about five years old, she like the other children were running on a side hill at my parents home, which had high grass. Jessica was the unfortunate child who stepped in a bee's nest, which was in the ground, and she was stung very badly. A quick trip to the hospital to remove numerous stingers and get some medicine she recovered quickly but still has a fear of bees. Lesson learned for all of us adults, and we kept that hill mowed from that point forward.

Bees love hidden areas and often build nest in areas hidden away and quiet for the most part. Children's playhouses, out buildings, swing sets unused infrequently are havens for bees so check them often and spray as needed.

Trick the bees by leaving a bee bottle sitting in the location but not around the people. A bee bottle is simply a bottle without the label and it contains a few inches of flat soda they bees are attracted to it and stay away from the people.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rock Cheating Songs

Most popular rock cheating songs for the people who enjoy rock music, includes some classics and some newer rock tunes.

Rock Cheating Songs #1
I heard it thru the grapevine by Marvin Gaye in this song the singer hears it from others that his lover has been playing around in someone's 'house'.

Rock Cheating Songs #2
I am In Love With The Other Woman - Ray Parker Jr. a song about a man who is in love with his other woman! I wonder how many men sang this one and were proud to sing it, knowing what they were doing. This is great song, don't get me wrong, but to be proud of playing around well that is sad.

Rock Cheating Songs #3
Me and Mrs. Jones a great tune by Billy Paul is a classic affair song about a man fooling with a married woman; it was very popular in the seventies.

Rock Cheating Songs #4
Lips of an angel a song by Hinder, is a woeful tale about a man about to be busted by his girl in the next room, because his lover decides to call. The man is talking to his old lover on the phone, and it is clear that their relationship is not over by a long shot.

Rock Cheating Songs #5
It wasn't me by Shaggy, tune about a man clearly guilty being caught in the act and still proclaiming his innocence!

Rock Cheating Songs #6
Secret lover Atlantic Starr a sad tune about two lovers who know they are breaking the rules, simply by being together as it might break up their happy homes.

Rock Cheating Songs #7
Cry me a river by Aerosmith sad tune about a love gone wrong, I prefer this version of the same title by Justin Timberlake.

Rock Cheating Songs #8
Careless Whisper by George Michael tune about how player is missing his true love, he is realizing that life as he knew it was over and he lost a great relationship because he choose to play elsewhere!

Rock Cheating Songs #9
Lying eyes by Eagles wonderful song, and one many people from all genres of music know by heart tells the tale of how young girls hook up with old men and how their eyes will tell everything.

Rock Cheating Songs #10
Say Goodbye by which is a tune of a couple together for the night completing an illicit affair, lovers for a night, lovers for tonight. Stay here with me, love, tonight, just for an evening.

Rock Cheating Songs #11
Escape also known as the Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes, great classic about a couple who are tired of each other and decide to move on without letting the other know. Yes, it is a plan for fooling around set in motion by both of them, and he answers a personal ad in the paper from someone he thinks is all he needs. He falls in love with the personal ad writer through notes and when they decide to me, they are both pleasant surprised that it is the other. There love did not die after all.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheating Spouse Song Collection!

The greatest cheating spouse song I think falls at number eleven in my list! Here is my collection of songs about people having affairs; spouses trying to stop an affair, the aftermath of affair, what the rest of the world see when someone has an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #1
Your cheating heart Hank Williams is a wonderful tune about how you will no doubt tell on yourself for your having an affair. A player will always tell on him or her self through words or actions, this is with out a doubt what will happen when you have an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #2
Thunder Rolls Garth Brooks a tune about a wife who knows her husband has been having an affair, coming back from somewhere he knows he should not have been. Even if you suspect a lover is a player when the reality hits home it knocks you off your feet.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #3
Lying eyes eagles oh yeah, those lying eyes will tell on you. Truth tellers look you in the eyes, and if you cannot look your spouse in the eyes, honestly, because you know you have been lying about having an affair! Your lying eyes will tell on you without a doubt.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #4
Daytime Friends Kenny Rogers a tune about a cheating couple who shake hands by the light of the day, everyone knows they are having an affair but they try to hide it. Truth be told everyone knows, it is clear in your body language and the looks you give each other!

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #5
Linda on my Mind Conway Twitty is a tune about a man admitting his lover is on his mind as he goes about his normal everyday life. I love his voice, it is one of my favorites of all time, and I guess every good singer has to do a song about an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #6
If loving you is wrong, I do not want to be right Barbara Mandrell is the story about a woman in love with a married man, and she is questioning the validity of that love. It is the classical other woman tune of the playing spouse equation.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #7
Ruby Kenny Rogers here is a great tune about a man begging his wife woman not to take her love to town and have an affair, but instead keep it at home with him, as it should be.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #8
Jolene Dolly Pardon a woman-to-woman tune about a woman begging a woman to not take her man. Trust me if a man wants to play there is nothing a woman can do to stop him, it is a great song, nonetheless but the original version is so much better with all the passion.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #9
Don't cheat in our Hometown byRicky Scaggs, this one should be a no brainier, but how many fools do play in their hometown and are surprised when they are busted for having an affair. My ex was a player at a local restaurant; he would be in the lounge area while our daughter worked in the kitchen, how awful of him to put our daughter in that situation!

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #10
You are not woman enough to take my man Loretta Lynne here is one of the great songs about a woman telling yet another woman that she is not good enough to take her man. If you ever watched the movie about Loretta Lynne's life, you will know this is based on a true event in the singer's life and what a strong message she sent to her husband when she caught him having an affair by writing this second greatest cheating spouse song.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #11
Blame it on your lying cheating heart by Patty Loveless an awesome song of love gone wrong because of an affair! In the weeks following the end of my marriage, I played this one song often and loud as I healed from the trauma and embarrassment. This is the greatest cheating spouse song, in my opinion.
I hope you enjoyed my greatest cheating spouses songs!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cheating Spouse Gifts on the Anniversary of Your Wedding Day

The top gifts you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day, is written for those of us who used to celebrate but no longer do. I hope all readers see the humor in this one as I enjoy writing articles poking fun at cheating spouses.

The seventh top gift to give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is all the toys in the marital closet! Just toss them in a box, wrap it up all pretty like, and add a card. The card can be a nice little poem about how glad you are that they are not in your life any longer, or you can just leave it blank. If you do not have, the marital toys then figure out something like all his wd-40 right in with his clothes.

The sixth top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is all the wedding photos minus your face. Again just, wrap it up in a nice box and send it over. They will appreciate the gesture, not but it will be funny just the same!

The fifth top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is a box full of broken items, smashed wedding VCR tapes, and all the gifts that spouse has given you.

The fourth top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is to add 'accidentally' is a recent photo of you smiling brightly with your new non-cheating beau. If you place it where the cheating spouse will see it when he or she comes to pick up the kids for the weekend it makes for a dramatic effect.

The third top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is to appear in the outfit or one close to what you wore on that day, not the formal wear or pajama's but the street clothes. It is a visual reminder of what they threw away.

The second top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day if you are still with them, send them flowers or a balloon bouquet at work and the congratulations card should say something to the effect of I know what you did and we are headed for a nasty divorce. What better gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day?

The top gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day is a singed copy of self prepared divorce papers, along with a note that says 'here's the best anniversary present you could ever give me, please pay the filing fees and get out of my life. Sign it with Thank you and your new name, hey as well all know please and thank you are a good thing to add to any gift you can give a cheating spouse on the anniversary of your wedding day.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Living with Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a not just another medical phase for me, it is a way of life and one I have dealt with for too long already. There is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis currently, so unless one is found or it just vanishes from my body, I must deal with it as the flare-ups occur.

I am very fortunate to have only had a few bad flare- ups with the rheumatoid arthritis within the past eight years that have required more then a few days worth of heavy Motrin, and I credit that with diet, mediation, aromatherapy and keeping a positive mind and body connection.

Diet, not a weight loss diet, but a healthy diet can help diminish the pain we feel during a flare-up with the rheumatoid arthritis. Red meats are typically though of as having a bad side effect of triggering an episode so I typically do not eat red meat. Do not get me wrong I enjoy a nice well-done cheeseburger just as much as the next person, but I very rarely have the cheeseburger.

The Mayo Clinic says there is no proof that eliminating some foods from the diet actually works, but I notice the difference when I eat certain food. Some people and even doctors will tell a rheumatoid arthritis patient that extra doses of fish oil, vitamins c, and e will help reduce the pain along with citrus fruits.

This site Alternatives 4 Arthritis gives a listing of foods that some people have given up in order to lead a less painful life when they have rheumatoid arthritis. I also have limited my intake of cheese, chocolate, caffeine, and processed meats because they are known migraine triggers I am not sure if they are also keeping my rheumatoid arthritis flare ups to a minimal amount I can handle.

Mediation is also something I do for the rheumatoid arthritis as well as the migraines and I do feel it helps. When I do have a painful flare-up and feel the need for extra pain relief I will slip into deep meditation and direct the white light towards whatever part is being affected during the time.

The white light for those who may not know about it, it a pure form of positive mental energy that you send from your mind to the affected areas and it is for pain relief. I choose to listen to deeply relaxing music as I mediate and it is usually soft music with the beach sounds as well. It works wonderfully to reduce the pain of my rheumatoid arthritis when used with Motrin.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way of helping your other treatments work better when you have a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up. I choose to use vanilla or peppermint, to make me feel better, such as my rice bags have cinnamon and a vanilla stick closed within, and I burn peppermint or vanilla candles during mediation.

During a painful rheumatoid arthritis flare-up that I cannot shake, I will take a very warm bath with vanilla bath crystals, and burn a vanilla candle as I soak and meditate. The deep relaxation, aromatherapy, and warm water will usually bring some much-desired relief from the rheumatoid arthritis.

Lastly keeping a positive mind and body connection is important to me to keep the painful flare ups of rheumatoid arthritis to a minimum. I listen to my body, when it says take a rest I do so, listening to your body can help immeasurably in the fight against rheumatoid arthritis. 

Currently I am a freelance writer working from home, I often find myself sitting in a chair. I force myself to get up at least once an hour and do some activity such as dishes, vacuuming or general housework. I have learned that if I sit or stand too long it will cause pain and I simply I do not have the time for pain.

I try to control my rheumatoid arthritis so that it does not control me, perhaps some will bulk at my methods, but they work for me. My rheumatologist knows I only see him as I need to and that I would rather try natural alternatives to medications, and he says that is fine as long as I am comfortable.

I am very fortunate not to experience the awful flare-ups that some patients report with rheumatoid arthritis, and for that, I am thankful.