Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy April Fools Day

Busy Morning ..Creating Tasks and such

Well been a busy day here so far. I have added a few more festival tasks these are being claimed quickly. I have already had one come back as finished. I did my little piece of the magic and it is a page for the entire world to see.

I also added more of the other festival pages that needed updates into the creative task system. If any of you writers are looking for work its there!

Now its break time, if you can call it that. Its time to do a bit of housework, hey at least I am off my butt!

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ALaska Folk Festival

There are only a few more days of the Alaska Folk Festival left for this year. Have you gone yet?

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jaime Escalante

Jaime Escalante inspired many students to be all they could be. He was a great teacher and the movie Stand and Deliver was based on his teaching methods.  He died today, may he rest in peace.

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Bourbon Street

Jamie Leigh Jones

Company says the rape victim was asking for it. This is crazy.

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Montgomery Gentry

Listening to My home town  by Montgomery Gentry on the recently updated page.

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I love country music and Sugarland is among my favorite bands.  Check out their newely updated page at

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Characters of Sesame Street sing and Dance to Lady Gaga Telephone song

screaming gambler

Hilarious footage of a BBC News broadcast interrupted by screaming gambler. This is great if you need a laugh

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EPPICard Scam

A lot of people using the EPPICard, a system utilized by State Governments to deliver welfare and child support services, are falling victim to phishing scams.
Guard your family and friends who receive child support and welfare payment via the Eppicard

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Druken Driving in the Real World

Real World star Puck got into a horrible car crash with his son in the passenger seat and later admitted to having been drunk at the time.'

When will people learn not to drink and drive?

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Sassy Gay Friend Viral Video

The new viral web series is Second City's "Sassy Gay Friend," in which Shakespeare's tragic heroines are saved at the last minute by their outspoken gay friend

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Mindy McCready

There are plans to release a sex tape starring country singer Mindy McCready.

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The man suspected of shooting at the office of Rep. Eric Cantor has been named.

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37 are dead after a series of bombings in Moscow subway stations.

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Bullying of Teen leads to Suicide

9 teens charged in bullying another teen, tragically ending in the girl's suicide.

Here is a page of the young girl.

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Controversial new video in which Badu strips as a recreation of the JFK Assassination. Honest.

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Young Artists for Haiti

Have you ever watch the video of the song Wavin Flag the song that many singers in Canada got together and created for the people who were affected by the earthquake in Haiti?  The song is done by the group Young Artists for Haiti and is very moving.

Please look at the link below to hear the song and see the artists who helped make it.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I count on Me, Myself and I.

Today I went grocery shopping and got a sense of renewal that I am indeed on the right path here. As I was wandering up and down the aisles I got the chance to talk to a woman who is the mom of my childhood friend, this lady was like a second mom to me. It was nice catching up with her. I finished my shopping after talking with her and paid for my purchases.

 As I was walking out the door, the manager who I have known for years stopped me for a few minutes. He asked if I was still writing and I told him I was indeed still writing. The store he manages will be closed soon and the employees will be reassigned elsewhere at 4 dollar less than what they are making now. He will have to start out as a brand new employee and his 35 years of working for the company will be erased. That is such a shame and I know it happens all over the United States in these tough times. He is a single dad and has been for a long time, so I know he will have it rough.

Anyways when he found out, I was a Vertical Manager over at he asked if perhaps he could get a job working with me. He enjoys writing and being on the internet and he knows music, which is the Vertical where I work. This will be a good match for him with his musical background.  I told him to send me an email and I’d talk with him about it.

I realized after I left the store how sad the job outlook is in my small town of 2,000. Most people are working their butts off at 10 bucks an hour or less and they are thankful to have jobs. Most people locally bring home less than 1,000 bucks a month and I usually bring in more than that from working at home.  That is when it dawned on me how blessed I am to work from home making a decent wage.

I began writing on the internet April 17, 2007 at a site called Associated Content, and I continued to write there actively until September of 2009. I also have written on Helium, Bukisa, ehow, Demand Studios, and Bright Hub. I still collect page views from the 2000 plus articles on those sites but the money I receive from those sites combined do not equal a quarter of what I can make on

I know I am on the right path here, because I am a single mom who runs a household, buys the groceries, and pays the bills while so many two-parent families are losing their homes. I feel bad for them, but it makes me proud to know I am doing it myself.  Yes, I may complain about not having enough money for a car, but I can proudly say I am doing it all otherwise. Besides, I live in town and where my feet cannot take me there is always a cab that will pick me up at my front door.

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