Monday, December 31, 2007

Associated Content

I have been reading on the internet about associated content, many people are wondering if it pays or not. It pays very well, if you work hard at it and I should know as I began writing articles in mid April of 2007.

I am going to share some information with you, about how associated content works. Then perhaps you will be better informed, and perhaps you too will give this paying site a fair chance.

On Associated content, you write articles, of your choice of topics and you are paid for them if associated content thinks they are worthwhile.

I have written 288 articles for $1167.54 plus another $86.58 in page view bonuses thus far. That is decent money for working from home and writing articles. Some of the articles have been freebies, but only about 90 of them were free. That makes my average about $5.90 per article, which is great when I can easily do two or three an hour. I have articles that have paid close to nine dollars and as low as three dollars, so it is very much worth my time and effort to continue writing here.

The page view bonuses, which are briefly mentioned in the preceding paragraph, are from visitors just viewing my pages. I am paid upfront for most of my articles and I always get a page view bonus for every article I publish. Page views I receive in November are paid for in December and so forth, so even if I were not to write any articles I would still be collecting money which is great.

My two friends whose articles are listed to the left of this blog post also are currently making money on associated content, which is very cool. Associated content lets us publish articles on whatever topics we choose which is nice, and we are earning money, which is great.

Friday, December 21, 2007

December 22, 2007 is the second annual Global Orgasm for Peace Day where people around the world are asked to promote peace by having the big O to raise peaceful energy from every corner of the world collectively.

Global Orgasm is the brainchild of Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell, co-founders of the anti-war organization Baring Witness and more can be learned about the group at its web site. The web site talks all about this peaceful anti war protest along with how achieving the global big O will help everyone.

It is believed that the feeling of euphoria that some of us experience from achieving the orgasm will help spread the peaceful feeling around the world, and having the entire world rally around one cause is a unique feat. It is further believed that this massive joint effort of promoting peace will reach the ozone and infuse it with love and peace; this is why every one around the globe is being asked to do their share and have the big O on this Global Orgasm for Peace Day.

According to the group’s web site, everyone, and especially those in countries with weapons of mass destruction as well as those countries who use violence in place of medication are being asked to synchronize their big O’s in this peaceful demonstration.

This is said to be a sexual healing of massive portions. You see with everyone achieving the massive orgasm, with all the peacefulness, which usually surrounds it; it should be an huge surge of biological, mental, and spiritual energy being sent up towards our ozone.

Some people may be asking why this year’s event is being held on December 22, and it simply is the winter solstice, which it the longest night of the year. It is also cold typically in many parts of the world on this night, which means more lovers will be cuddling. It is the perfect night to achieve the global orgasm for peace, then again so is anytime during December 22, 2007.

While many of us, will not be able to join in this huge global O at midnight, as long as you achieve at least one of the big O’s at some point on December 22, 2007 you are doing your part for the global orgasm for peace antiwar protest. Of course, the more orgasms you achieve the more you are supporting the cause for global orgasm day so multiple orgasm are permitted and I encourage them.

The original plan was according to the common dreams web site to make the global organized and have to in during the cocktail hour, but was so many times zones; they just had to settle for the whole day in which to achieve one orgasm.

According to the numerous web sites, people from the world are participating, from California, Utah, Australia, Bogotá, and New Delhi making it truly a global orgasm day.

According to the Toronto Star’s web site, the data from last year for the first annual global orgasm was inconclusive, as you actually participated in global orgasm day. The Web, got about 17 million hits on last year, and this years numbers are not tallied as of yet as people continue join into this year’s global orgasm day.

Perhaps, the peace that is promoted on this global orgasm day will bring peace around the world. That will in fact bring peace to those who achieve the orgasm while promoting global peace. Perhaps the babies, that world conceives on this day, who will be born towards the end of next September will bring the peace the world deserves one can only venture a guess.

The baring witness group does say on its main page that the world is already over populated, so steps must be taken to not create more babies during this global orgasm day, so please take precautions and use a Trojan or take other precautions.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The great snowman of the winter of 2006-2007 here was a giant fella, standing more than six-feet tall. How did this snowman, get to be more than six-feet tall? It was because five teenage boys who were all over six-feet tall decided to make a snowman err, giant snow penis. They fashioned this snowman after one of their teachers at school, whom they really did not like.

It is not every day that 16- and 17-year-old boys sit around talking about playing in the snow, but that is what they did one day last year, while they were sitting here in my living room. They talked of many things in that day discussing the snowman, the teachers, school, and of course the girls. I thought that that is these soon to be adult men, would have better things to do than to play in the fresh fallen snow, but an hour later they were just doing that very thing.

As the boys got it all dressed up, in their winter gear to go outside in play in the snow, I told them to be careful, and not to throw in a snowballs at my house. The boys told me they would not throw the snowballs at my house, but they could not guarantee that they would not shoot them at each other. I said that is fine, but do not throw ice balls.

These teenage boys had been outside for a long time, and that could see tracks all over my yard. Two of them were rolling this huge snowball, which must have been four foot tall, and about that wide as well, I shook my head, and went back to my book. My sons girlfriend had also joined them outside, and at barely 5 foot tall, it was funny to see her out there among all these tall boys.

The young girl came in to get a drink, and told me it was cool standing on top of the four-foot snowball, because then, she was taller than the boys were at last. I laughed at her and told her, that I hope they are behaving themselves out there, and she assured me that they were.

Even though my house is pretty well insulated, I could hear these teenage boys out there playing, laughing, and horsing around, as teenage boys often will. I began to notice that car's were starting to slow down in front of my house and drive slowly by while looking. I thought they were just watching these teenage boys out there playing in the snow it was a comical site.

I got up from my chair and opened the front door, and the teenagers' laughter was very loud. I yelled for my son and asked if everything was ok. He looked at me and says me everything was fine, and they all began to laugh very loudly. I told my son that I had hope they were not throwing the snowballs at the car, and my son assured me that they were not.

I went back to my book, and about half an hour later, that young girl comes in my house, just laughing as hard as she can, while shaking the snow off her jeans. the boys came in shortly after she did, and when she settles down from laughing she tells me very excitedly, in no uncertain terms that the boys an old fella in my yard, and he was taller than she was. She did not use the term old fella snowman, but I realize this is that PG sites, so old fella snowman will have to work.

With so much embarrassment of what this girl was telling me, I knew as a homeowner, in a neighborhood with lots of little kids I had to something. Instead, I began to laugh, and I laughed so hard when I actually seen this old fella snowman.

For you see dear reader, when I went out on my sidewalk and glanced back, at the side of the house which I could not see from the front door, stood an huge old fella snowman. Many men would have been so jealous!

The cars had been slowing down to look at the, the biggest old fella snowman, I have ever seen, he was nearly 6-foot tall, and the twins were right there beside him and they were nearly 2 feet tall. The old fella snowman even had all the usual markings that you would see if it were a real old fellow.

After I quit laughing, I told the teenagers clearly that the old fella snowman would need to be knocked down immediately, before the cops were called. You see, I live right in the middle of tone on a corner, and the Ingersoll Rand plant is just down the street. Therefore, there are all kinds of traffic on my street, on given day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Adultry sucks! Reasons not to cheat

Four reasons not to cheat within relationship or a marriage, is an article that as long overdue. Perhaps they will persuade a thoughtless partner from acting without thinking with their brain, and using to fire within their loins as their brain.

Some people never stop to realize just what having an affair really means. Cheating on a innocent spouse or partner can really harm a relationship, in fact, it may totally, end the relationship you currently have with your innocent spouse or partner, in your choosing to have, an affair may cause bodily harm to you.

Sexually transmitted diseases

The reason I say an affair may cause bodily harm to you, is not because your innocent spouse or partner may beat you senseless, but you could pick up a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases that can make you very sick, or perhaps even kill you.

If you ever taken any kind of health class in school then you know about the sexually transmitted diseases, and who knows what the person you are thinking about having an affair with has slept with.

Blown budget

That is right you will blow your budget, your savings and you will no longer be financially secure if you choose to have an affair on your innocent spouse or partner. Of your budget will be blown if you choose to have an affair, because you will be buying Christmas or Valentine presents for two instead of one.

If your innocent spouse or partner finds out about this affair, your budget will be screwed because you will most likely be paying a lawyer for your half of the divorce or palimony suit. Let us face it the innocent partner in all of this more than likely will empty your joint checking account, and has full legal right to do so.

Fool that is you

If you choose to have an affair on your innocent spouse or a partner, you are at their mercy. Most innocent spouses or partners will seek revenge for the affair. Most of the time this revenge is harmless fun meant to embarrass you but not always. Sometimes the innocent spouse or partner will make you pay in some way for the affair that you had.

You are a fool, to have an affair because you will be giving up something worthwhile in most cases for what amounts to a few months of secretive pleasure. Trust me there are no secrets, and your affair will get back to your innocent spouse or partner. You will not only look like a fool, and you will be at the mercy of the innocent spouse or partner.

Children become liars

If you choose to have an affair, and bribe your children in any form, you were teaching them how to lie and cheat. Telling the children to lie to the innocent spouse or partner, in any form, teaches the children how to lie.

You are then at the mercy of your children, they can more or less dictate to you how often you can sneak out. They learn how to use blackmail very quickly against you.

Look around to before you choose to have an affair because you will be giving up everything, and not just the bad stuff you will also be giving up the good stuff that you have with your spouse or partner. Does it really seem worth it to have that affair know you could lose all of this?

PS. this article was turned down, but I feel it has some good info so I am posting it.