Wednesday, August 25, 2010

People I Slept with Movie Review

I watched the movie 'The People I've slept with' and enjoyed it. The plot of the movie is a young woman who enjoys sex goes on a sex binge and sleeping with many guys.

The movie premiered at selected theaters around the United States on August 13, 2010. It's billed as a comedy but I think it could be a coming of age, drama movie all wrapped up in one package. 

Main Plot for the People I Slept With

The main character Angela Yang, played by Karin Anna Cheung has a craving for all sorts of unprotected sex. Her gay friend Gabriel tells her to go satisfy her need, and to engage in all the sex she can. The men she chooses leave the audience wondering what she thought.

The young woman is openly enjoying her lifestyle for a few months until realty sets in. As fate would have it. Angela does Gabriel on a whim, and is a bit hurt when that encounter does not change him from being gay to being straight. She becomes pregnant and must weed through her series of one nightstand to figure out who the father is.

That task is easier than one might guess as she has created a bunch of photographs of her lovers on her cell phone; those photographs help her to narrow down the paternity.

These photographs are all labeled with one or two words about the personality of the men. This is how she keeps them separated, such as Mr. Hottie, who she wants to be the daddy, the geek etc. She also keeps a list of sizes, personalities that are funny.

Presumably, she keeps track of the sizes so she does not return to a man who does not meet her standards. After all what woman wants a man like that we all want her stalker who is hung like a horse, minus the stalker part.

She does return to visit the men after discovering she is pregnant to get some samples for a DNA test. She takes cups the have drank from, and even a piece of hair off a lover who had died. She does everything she can to figure out who the daddy is, without letting the guys know how many she has been with.

Sex Scenes in the People I Slept With

The sex scenes in this unrated movie are frequent, but you see the comedy rather than actual penetration. It's simply not porn but a funny adult movie. In one particularity, funny scene where she is having sex and she is heard saying who's your momma. In yet another sex scene, she appears as if she wishes the guy would just finish up already.

She picks up her lovers in all sorts of places and they engage in sex everywhere one can imagine. In the movie, she experiences sex in some places that most people would never want to explore such as the bathroom stall.

The five-second guy is nicknamed aptly, and that sex scene is the one that almost wasn't! This film makes all of us women who have experienced a five-second man feel better. It brings laughter to us. 

Ending of the People I slept with

On discovering the positive pregnancy test, Angela talks with her married sister and Gabriel. Her sister says to find the daddy and get married, while Gabriel tells her to have an abortion.

Angela decides to have her baby and sets out to find the father of her baby daughter. She wants to show her daughter how she came to be on this earth. Without giving away who the dad is, I am going to end the review here. I do recommend this movie to everyone though who enjoys a good laugh. I also recommend this for teenagers who engage in unprotected sex, as the film shows it might be fun but karma will get you in the end. 

The official the People I slept with trailer, is listed below if you would like a good laugh.

People I've Slept With official trailer

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Friday, August 20, 2010

facebook on vacation?

Busy Friday

It has been a busy day here. I accepted offers on 6 titles for associated content, wrote 2 more, and got them submitted. I have one more that is about half way done but it’s a boring topic so I don’t want to finish it. The titles, that I accepted offers on were posted to facebook

Then I went ahead and got caught up on a 24 more little tasks that needed to be done. Bringing my daily total to 26.5 which is enough for now..

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Ac articles published this morning

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Working hard

Just promoting the work I did today for the smaller sites.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Farmville Cheats Bot

Farmville cheats are quite popular; everyone wants to know how to be the best in this addictive game. Where are the cheats for Farmville you may wonder? Look no further, I have some for you. It will not cost you a dime because I love to share!

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