Friday, April 30, 2010

Bret Micheals Medical Updates

Bret Michaels is healing at an undisclosed hospital where he has been for a week. I am proud to be a part of a brand new page featuring the updates on Bret Michaels. This page created by Stacy is rich in detail and will be updated as news breaks.

This page will also be updated during the News conference, which will be given by the doctors who are caring for Bret Michaels.

Included on this page is a video from the AP, detailing his medical emergency. When a new one is released as his condition improves, we will add a new video.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Creed 20-10 Tour

Friday, April 23, 2010

Found Missing Child Karmie McBride

My niece is safe at this time, and unharmed. She is back with family members at this time.

The family is very appreciative for friends across the social networks who posted that Karmie was among the missing last night.

God Bless everyone and thanks for your love, concern and re-posting the message to bring her home.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Missing Child Karmie McBride

Please help us as we search for my niece Karmie McBride age 16 who lives in the Athens Pennsylvania area. Karmie is five foot six inches tall with medium blonde hair.  Karmie will be 17 in early May. She is considered to be a Missing person at this time.

She was last seen on April 20, 2010 at the Valley Playland Park in Athens, where she was to meet friends and go home with one of them afterwards. If you have seen Karmie since Tuesday please let us know. My facebook URL is below, send me a message.

Karmie is the aunt to 4 little kids who miss her horribly, as do her two sisters and her parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. The list goes on, as this young girl is well loved but classmates and her friends.

Karmie, if you read this please give me a call send a message or whatever. We all are deeply worried and praying for your safe return.

Amy Browne!/profile.php?id=1458409407&ref=mf

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

CA Earthquake Easter Sunday

Easter Renewal, Hope Springs Eternal

Woke up this morning with the light streaming through my window and thought to myself crap cannot even sleep late today! So here I sit, trying to begin my day of ‘work’, 

Lately I have been working on the festivals around the United States, well not actually working on the festivals but the pages that have the information about them. I have been creating tasks for what is not there and cleaning up if needed what is there.

Me I love ‘live’ music and I would personally go to each festival but yeah I cannot do that. There are the kids, house, and work. The only thing I can do is sit back and help make sure that other people get the info they need to attend these festivals.

There is an Arts Fest two blocks from my house every may, and there is live music. I will be there and it should be fun. It’s at the local middle school but there are vendors from all over Pennsylvania, New York here and there is live music. It’s awesome!  

Here is a great festival known as the Alaska Folk Festival. It’s being held April 5- thru April 11, 2010 so be sure not to miss it if you are up in Alaska.

Happy Easter everyone and yeah hope does spring eternal and life does on onward. On with the music.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zac Brown Band

Nominees for the Top Vocal Group of the Year

The Academy of Country Music Award is coming up soon on April 18th. Will you be watching? I will because I love that type of music, and my favorite band currently would be The Zack Brown Band, and my favorite song is ‘Toes’. That song just moves me, and makes me feel like singing along.

Over on we are gearing up for these awards, creating the pages for the bands, songs, and performers. We’re almost there which is cool. Soon on this blog, you will see a listing of the awards and my predictions. I am hoping my favorite band will win in every category they are nominated but we will just have to wait and see here.

Today I will be working on the section, ‘Top Vocal Group of the Year’. Gloriana, Eli Young Band, and The Lost Trailers are all up for this Award.

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Music Heals the soul!

Lately I have been immersing myself into work for various reasons; it’s an escape in many ways. These days work consist of organizing music pages, and making sure they are at their full potential.

Music moves the soul; it also heals it and can provide many things. In the past when I was working as a freelance content writer, I wrote of many topics online, but I always had music playing thru my headphones. My play list has rock and country music from the sixties right up to the current stuff.  Music is my life.

I kind of wish I had the guts of a music star that performs on the stage, but that has never been me I prefer to work in the shadows so to speak.  I hate the crowds, and as a performer, you need to work the crowds. I am the typical wallflower I suppose off line, but online I can be the leader and lead the group. I can work the online crowd and that what makes this vertical manager stuff work for me.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Paris in Los Vegas

Autism Awareness Day is 4/2

I had no clue today was set aside to raise awareness for this medical condition.

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iPad News

iPAd Battery


Pandora & the iPad connection

Ipad Specs

2 Ladies and 1 man!

I betcha thought that this link was going to be something bad right? Wrong its innocent.

Here are 3 more recently updated pages on mahalo!

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Laughter is good for the soul

Laughter is always the best medicine for all our woes. When you laugh it make the world a better place. Here are some recently updated pages and perhaps they will bring a smiles to you.

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Just for the ladies

We have bad days, where nothing is going right. The best you can do is sit tight and pray it get over soon or you can surf for pages that make you smile. Remember karma comes around and will deliver sadness to those who have made you unhappy.

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2 Sexy men.

IS your Husband or boyfriend glued to the TV for sports?

Here are some sites to get you up to speed on what ever he is in to.

 better yet get him a new TV, and when sports are not on, slide in a romance movie.

here is a great tv

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Long days and long nights

Long days and long nights

What is the best thing to do on a long night when there is nothing on TV and no one to talk with?

Its time to watch a movie or choose a new game to play.

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What's for lunch?

Its Easter Time Have you made your cupcakes yet? If not visit this page.

If you don’t feel like baking here are some coupons for ready-made desserts, which are good for you.

No money for ham, grab some Mottadella from the deli and enjoy a sandwich.

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Is it almost time for a Vacation?

Is it almost time for a Vacation? I know I could sure use an extended break from the hustle and bustle of work. I found these great sites with plenty of information.

For specific travel, locations try these pages.

If you are looking for savings on tickets try these pages.

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