Friday, March 16, 2012

Identity Theft

Recently I dealt with some creep who stole my money online when he used my credit card to make random purchases. Perhaps he is not a creep in real life but identity theft is theft and that makes you a creep.

Anyways back to the story…

I could have simply reported it to the police as was my first thought. However, I did not like the officer who was on duty that night.  Some online friends told me I should become my own detective and track down the thief and I began my search.

Cancel the card. Go to the transactions area of your online account
Contact each business where the cash was used. Tell them your story.

Here is a link to an article I wrote with more detailed version of the identity theft problem, and steps to the recovery of the money. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Asking for help

Sometimes when life sends an avalanche of bad luck, we feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to turn for help. I am weathering such an avalanche at this time. I believe that no man or woman is an island, and we all need help but sometimes I forget this. I have been self reliant for so long that I just focused on working hard.

Sometimes when we are experiencing these bad times we forget that we need the help. We just toss up the walls and try to fix things on our own. When the odds are stacked against us though, it is hard to do it yourself. We all need to ask other people for a hand, as we help ourselves.

When you are living on the edge and one late payment begets you shut off notices well it is overwhelming. After making two house payments and paying a rather large bill in one month, I found myself in that position recently. I tried to work hard by writing more. I ended up turning in shoddy work, which got me suspended for a week and a half on one website I write for. That means I could not write for that site for that period. Being suspended simply added to my problems and made the situation at home worse.

Do not be a person who shuts off everyone during your time of need. Ask for the help you need, but try your best to help yourself as well. Work hard to get some income at home by doing odd jobs for neighbors, babysit children, or deliver newspapers. If you have to sell that set of antique dishes on eBay, do it. If people see you trying to help yourself they are more likely to help you with the other things you need.

In every community, a group is set up to help those people who occasionally go through rough patches. These places can help with money for bills, like your heating bill, or electric bill. There is always a food pantry to help you with food. Call your local Salvation Army and they will help you with food. No one should ever go without eating.