Friday, July 30, 2010

When the local Lowe’s opened down the street from me, I was able to feed my DIY addiction in a huge way. I was overwhelmed with the place at first because it was huge. I went in there for new bathroom faucets to replace ones that had worn out.

An accommodating salesman came over to help, and showed me where I could find the Gerber faucets. I had been looking for them locally and online for a while but could not find them, and in Lowe’s I was shown a variety of them. He even told me how to install them, and following his directions, it was easy.

That was almost four years ago and since that time; the kids and I have done many projects that turned out great. We plan on creating a garden path, install tile in the kitchen, and many more things. With the low prices and knowledgeable staff there, it is the only hardware store we go to.

I am a single mom who grew up learning o do repairs around the house. I want my kids also to do this, so they help me and in a few years when they leave the nest, they will be prepared for their own DIY projects.

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