Friday, December 24, 2010

Cuz Heaven Has No Phone

Because Heaven has no phone, mailbox, or revolving door, it’s hard to tell you how much I miss you and love you. I am sure you know, because it seems on the days when I am feeling the worst I feel you around me.

 When I was worried about the some stuff a few weeks after you went to heaven you appeared in my dream one night and told me it would be fine. You knew it would work out, and it did. Everything is fine, that crisis has passed.  Please visit me at any time like that, it made me feel so good inside, and I did not miss you so much for a few hours.

I do miss you so much. I know I am not alone in wishing there was a revolving door from Heaven. I’d love to come visit, but I am needed here for a while longer.

When I had my first book signing, I knew you were smiling down from heaven. You were most likely telling the angels that’s my ‘Jo’. I know you are proud of me as you are of my siblings. You were very much there in spirit, I felt you. Mom presented me with your special personalized pens, to do sign the books. That made me cry, but you know that don’t you.

I wish I could have heard your voice when I seen that third book on Amazon. I know you are proud of me, but just to hear your voice would have made it better. When I spotted it on Barnes and Nobles, I wanted to call you and say hey dad, guess what. I could not, so I just wiped away the tears.

As Christmas quickly approaches, I find myself so close to tears all the time. I just want to bury myself in work so I can keep my brain beyond busy. I really wish heaven had a phone, so I could just call and talk as we used too. I never told you how much those calls meant to me, but I think you knew.

I miss ya dad and love you so much. Take care of Kylie. Tell her grandma loves her so much. You two behave up there and we’ll see each other some day. Hugs to both of you, and have yourselves a Merry Christmas up there in Heaven.

Love, Amy Jo

PS, I am using my blog as a Letter's to Heaven thing to my Dad 11/14/1944 to 11/22/2010

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