Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Brother is Watching you

When George Orwell's book '1984' came out in 1949 amid controversy. Many people thought life will not be like that, but that book is very reminiscent of the live we now live. The government does try to control the movement of the people a social setting in modern times, even when it is deemed intrusive.

Angie Mohr, a fellow writer from Georgia appeared on a local television's newscast and talked about how the local government where she lives was citing residents because they had chickens on their property. I could see giving these citations to people if they had 100 chickens on their property and were involved in a chicken processing business where they sold the chickens or eggs to the public..

Mrs. Mohr herself has chickens but is not a chicken farmer,. She is simply raising a few chickens to provide her family with eggs on a daily basis. Angie is a mom who is looking for cheaper and healthier alternatives for feeding her family during these tough economic times.

Another fellow writer, Linda STCyr wrote an article about a Michigan mom who is facing charges because she decided to grow a garden in her yard to provide cheaper and healthier vegetables for her family. The problem the local government in Michigan had was that the garden was located in the front yard of her home. The garden was not unsightly, as a matter of fact it was contained within five raised flower beds.

These cases are not isolated, this stuff happens all over the United States. People are trying to make their money stretch in order to provide for their families in the best way as the economy tries its desperate attempt at recovery. Its a shame when some one gets a fine for having chickens on their property or for having a garden in their front yard.

The novel '1984' tells the tale of a society ruled by a totalitarian government. Free thought is gone, and if someone is found guilty of free thought they are picked up the thought police. Everyone in the society needs to follow status quo and follows the orders of the government or else.

Each room in the novel has a two way television screen so that the government can see what each person is doing. The popular saying 'Big Brother is watching you' is very much a part of the society depicted within this novel.

Perhaps we do not have two-way television screens in every room of our homes, but there are different ways that big brother is watching us. Granted some of these ways they are watching us benefits society in general, but some of them have simply gone to far. Telling the general public that chickens or gardens are off limits in controlled setting is just wrong.

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