Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Short Stories, Flood Photo Book and a Book signing

I tossed together three of my previously unpublished short stories and uploaded them to Amazon. Half of the profits from this $2.99 collection will be headed towards flood relief for our Valley until December 1, 2011. I will tweet that URL when along with the one below.

My second solo book was also created and its in its final stages at Amazon. This kindle version is a collection of photographs of the recent devastating floods which ravaged my local area. This kindle version is full of color photos, and sells for $6.99.

A print version is forth coming but is taking a bit of time.  This edition will be black and white bigger images. The bigger share of profits generated from here will also go to help with local flood relief until December 1, 2011.

The reason for the December 1, 2011 cut off day is because I have a book signing on the 3rd and I want to present a check at that time.

The Circle 8 writers group recently celebrated the anniversary release of our first book Consequences. Our sixth book should be out in a few weeks.

I will have copies of my solo print edition of Paisley, along with copies of the photographs of the flood book and copies of the sixth book of short stories by the Circle 8 writer's group. 

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