Monday, January 16, 2012

Crock Pot Cooking and the Food Pantry Visit

Crock Pot sauces are easy to make and they taste much better than the crap you get out of a can or jar.  Usually I do use cans of Del Monte, because it is priced to fit my budget   I simply add onion, peppers, meat and seasonings and let it cook all day. It has been known to fool people. LOL People think I do it homemade, but it is simply a shortcut here.

Crock Pot Soups are good for you and so easy to make!  Try chicken noodle today! Toss a few pieces of chicken in the pot; add some broth, and seasonings. Allow it too cook all day on low When it is almost time to eat toss in some noodles.

When food is running low at home and you need something to fill the bellies of your family rice always does the trick. I have a rice casserole that everyone seems to love. It is make with cream of mushroom soup, cheese, vegetables, chicken, and lots of rice. It is easy to prepare and it is filling.

When the pantry gets way to empty and there is no money for food, it is overwhelming. I am a full time freelance writer but found myself in that position recently.  For two weeks, I simply limited my food intake, at the end of those two weeks I was eating once every two days so that my child could eat daily.  I ended up going to the local food pantry. I am not telling you this for sympathy, but I choose to write about it so others would know they are not alone. I felt horrible about going but I swallowed my pride and went there. I am glad I did as well. I am grateful that they helped me put food on my table.

~~Goals do nothappen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~

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