Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paypal Blocked Thanks Hackers and YCN

I wrote about my experiences of being one of the almost half a million YCN contributors who got hacked when my email address and password were publically displayed for the world to see.

Do those clowns at YCN really realize how bad their slack of security has hurt their writers?  Honestly I do not think they have a clue. In their apology email they suggested we change our passwords, (no chit did that long before your email). However, changing the password is not going to help with some things. Well let me tell you, it was not as simple as changing a few passwords.

The email address that was publically displayed is my main email. Even though, I did not use the same password for all those 100+ websites the email was used on 99% of them. 

Like many writers I have passwords to writing sites, promotional sites, websites which pay me to do advertising or blog posts on my own blogs. That does not even include the other professional websites that I belong too.

When people tried to unsuccessfully log in my accounts and failed after a number of times, my account was blocked. With some accounts it is fine but others it is just a huge pain in the ass.

Like my Paypal. Imagine getting blocked out of your bank, and your money taken by bandits. My Paypal account was hit over and over, at least eight times within the week following the snafu. I am grateful there is a zero spending limit on my account with Paypal, because the thieves cannot steal my money.

However since most of the money I earn is paid through Paypal, I am effectively without money until the spending limit is lifted.  Imagine what the clowns at YCN would do if their paychecks were held up for a week or more. 

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