Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dealing with a Stalker!

Stalking is a punishable offense here in Pennsylvania as it is in many other states within the United States. Yet, some people feel as if they are above the law when it comes to them. This is a first person experience of dealing with a stalker. 

Because this is now an active case with my local police department I cannot disclose the exact details. A stalker returned to my house after I told him a month earlier that I did not want anything to do with him. When he first knocked on my window, I sure as heck felt in danger until I knew he had left my neighborhood. I should have immediately called the police when he returned at quarter of one on November 15, but I did not. 

Instead I waited until the afternoon to talk with the local police. I was apprehensive in talking to them as he did not harm to me or my property I filed a report and I was told they would go talk with him. They also told me if he comes back to call them and they will be right here. I feel confident they will be here quickly as I live within a few blocks of their station. 

I know realize that I should have called the cops while he was here but I just wanted him off my property. I was so worried about my blood pressure soaring, as a heart patient I know to keep my blood pressure down. I felt I did the right thing, however I know now I did the wrong thing by not filing the report sooner. 

If a stalker comes to your home call the cops immediately do not hesitate at all there. If he or she seems harmless they could be simply buying their time trying to catch you off guard. 

Do not open the door at all if there is a stalker or other unknown person on the other side. Look out the window or simply talk to the person with the door closed. Do not open the door to get a better view! 

I do not think my stalker is a serial killer but serial killers can act sweetly as they lure you into their car or out of your home. Be a responsible person when you have an unwanted person hanging around, do not become a victim.

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