Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheating Spouse Song Collection!

The greatest cheating spouse song I think falls at number eleven in my list! Here is my collection of songs about people having affairs; spouses trying to stop an affair, the aftermath of affair, what the rest of the world see when someone has an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #1
Your cheating heart Hank Williams is a wonderful tune about how you will no doubt tell on yourself for your having an affair. A player will always tell on him or her self through words or actions, this is with out a doubt what will happen when you have an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #2
Thunder Rolls Garth Brooks a tune about a wife who knows her husband has been having an affair, coming back from somewhere he knows he should not have been. Even if you suspect a lover is a player when the reality hits home it knocks you off your feet.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #3
Lying eyes eagles oh yeah, those lying eyes will tell on you. Truth tellers look you in the eyes, and if you cannot look your spouse in the eyes, honestly, because you know you have been lying about having an affair! Your lying eyes will tell on you without a doubt.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #4
Daytime Friends Kenny Rogers a tune about a cheating couple who shake hands by the light of the day, everyone knows they are having an affair but they try to hide it. Truth be told everyone knows, it is clear in your body language and the looks you give each other!

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #5
Linda on my Mind Conway Twitty is a tune about a man admitting his lover is on his mind as he goes about his normal everyday life. I love his voice, it is one of my favorites of all time, and I guess every good singer has to do a song about an affair.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #6
If loving you is wrong, I do not want to be right Barbara Mandrell is the story about a woman in love with a married man, and she is questioning the validity of that love. It is the classical other woman tune of the playing spouse equation.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #7
Ruby Kenny Rogers here is a great tune about a man begging his wife woman not to take her love to town and have an affair, but instead keep it at home with him, as it should be.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #8
Jolene Dolly Pardon a woman-to-woman tune about a woman begging a woman to not take her man. Trust me if a man wants to play there is nothing a woman can do to stop him, it is a great song, nonetheless but the original version is so much better with all the passion.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #9
Don't cheat in our Hometown byRicky Scaggs, this one should be a no brainier, but how many fools do play in their hometown and are surprised when they are busted for having an affair. My ex was a player at a local restaurant; he would be in the lounge area while our daughter worked in the kitchen, how awful of him to put our daughter in that situation!

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #10
You are not woman enough to take my man Loretta Lynne here is one of the great songs about a woman telling yet another woman that she is not good enough to take her man. If you ever watched the movie about Loretta Lynne's life, you will know this is based on a true event in the singer's life and what a strong message she sent to her husband when she caught him having an affair by writing this second greatest cheating spouse song.

Greatest Cheating Spouse song #11
Blame it on your lying cheating heart by Patty Loveless an awesome song of love gone wrong because of an affair! In the weeks following the end of my marriage, I played this one song often and loud as I healed from the trauma and embarrassment. This is the greatest cheating spouse song, in my opinion.
I hope you enjoyed my greatest cheating spouses songs!

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