Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I write on Helium and Associated Content and together they are making quite the difference for me!

Just look at how my earnings have transpired and you will see great benefits to what I am talking about and I urge you to do the same.

January I wrote 44 articles to helium, 10 of which were market place articles (two sold for 23.50) 68 articles added on associated content sold for $218.38 (31 of those were freebies). I got a page view bonus on helium for pennies and associated content’s page view bonus was $34.29.It was $276.17 in my pocket to add to the child support I get which made things easier.

In February 69 articles to helium and I added 75 articles to associated content (16 were freebies) for a total of 283.64 plus a page view bonus of $49.50. I did not sell any market place articles, so my pay for this month was $333.14 to which made my child support stretch even further.

In March, I added 78 to helium’s base of articles, 17 of these were market place articles. I got a taste of market place sales and I got greedy. I did not sell any of those marketplace articles, and they came to associated content in April. I added 83 articles to associated content of which 29 were free and received $201.26 and a page view bonus of $50.96 for a total of $252.22. It was low no doubt but I knew April would be better.

As of April 16, I have added 20 articles to Helium of which 5 are marketplace articles, but the rest have went to associated content as non-exclusives along with the other place articles, which did not sell, on Helium. That promotion that began a few days before I began helium finished today and I received $364.00 from that. I was doing a happy dance that is quite a reward to say the least. I have added 47 articles on associated content; of which 19 were free; I have earned $141.56 and got a page view bonus of $67.73. I am sitting at $573.29 so far and the month is half over. Along with my child support, I have finally hit the $1000.00 mark a month since I changed careers last summer.

I am already at a page view bonus of almost $50.00 for May from associated content, and you maybe wondering why I am sharing this detailed information. It is because I feel the need not to gloat, but to show others that it can be done. My page views bonus are steadily rising and it is because I write so much, posting everyday, which helps with income coming in.

Breakdown of what helium and associated content has done for me.

I know only about half of the money I made January (on associated content) can be claimed here. $23.50 Plus $109 from (ac) which is $132.50





is a whopping $1291.15 helium not only has increased my income it has increased by writing skills and given me new hope that I can succeed at this thing called freelance writing. That is a good number for sitting on my butt and writing for three and a half months, and coupled with the child support it makes a livable wage.

Thank goodness I do not have a mortgage with outlandish interest fees like others do, and that is helping me. My reward from helium will almost pay May’s house payment, and I only have to add the page view bonus for May to it and I will have it. Helium’s reward and ac’s may page view bonus is paying my house payment, how freaking cool is that.

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