Monday, December 31, 2007

Associated Content

I have been reading on the internet about associated content, many people are wondering if it pays or not. It pays very well, if you work hard at it and I should know as I began writing articles in mid April of 2007.

I am going to share some information with you, about how associated content works. Then perhaps you will be better informed, and perhaps you too will give this paying site a fair chance.

On Associated content, you write articles, of your choice of topics and you are paid for them if associated content thinks they are worthwhile.

I have written 288 articles for $1167.54 plus another $86.58 in page view bonuses thus far. That is decent money for working from home and writing articles. Some of the articles have been freebies, but only about 90 of them were free. That makes my average about $5.90 per article, which is great when I can easily do two or three an hour. I have articles that have paid close to nine dollars and as low as three dollars, so it is very much worth my time and effort to continue writing here.

The page view bonuses, which are briefly mentioned in the preceding paragraph, are from visitors just viewing my pages. I am paid upfront for most of my articles and I always get a page view bonus for every article I publish. Page views I receive in November are paid for in December and so forth, so even if I were not to write any articles I would still be collecting money which is great.

My two friends whose articles are listed to the left of this blog post also are currently making money on associated content, which is very cool. Associated content lets us publish articles on whatever topics we choose which is nice, and we are earning money, which is great.

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