Saturday, April 3, 2010

Music Heals the soul!

Lately I have been immersing myself into work for various reasons; it’s an escape in many ways. These days work consist of organizing music pages, and making sure they are at their full potential.

Music moves the soul; it also heals it and can provide many things. In the past when I was working as a freelance content writer, I wrote of many topics online, but I always had music playing thru my headphones. My play list has rock and country music from the sixties right up to the current stuff.  Music is my life.

I kind of wish I had the guts of a music star that performs on the stage, but that has never been me I prefer to work in the shadows so to speak.  I hate the crowds, and as a performer, you need to work the crowds. I am the typical wallflower I suppose off line, but online I can be the leader and lead the group. I can work the online crowd and that what makes this vertical manager stuff work for me.

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