Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Renewal, Hope Springs Eternal

Woke up this morning with the light streaming through my window and thought to myself crap cannot even sleep late today! So here I sit, trying to begin my day of ‘work’, 

Lately I have been working on the festivals around the United States, well not actually working on the festivals but the pages that have the information about them. I have been creating tasks for what is not there and cleaning up if needed what is there.

Me I love ‘live’ music and I would personally go to each festival but yeah I cannot do that. There are the kids, house, and work. The only thing I can do is sit back and help make sure that other people get the info they need to attend these festivals.

There is an Arts Fest two blocks from my house every may, and there is live music. I will be there and it should be fun. It’s at the local middle school but there are vendors from all over Pennsylvania, New York here and there is live music. It’s awesome!  

Here is a great festival known as the Alaska Folk Festival. It’s being held April 5- thru April 11, 2010 so be sure not to miss it if you are up in Alaska.

Happy Easter everyone and yeah hope does spring eternal and life does on onward. On with the music.

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