Monday, May 3, 2010

A Photo of my Grandkids

There comes a time in life where just about every woman in the world becomes a grand mom. I became a grand mom nearly 8 years ago, to an angel who watches over the three little ones in this picture.  Six years ago, lexis joined our family, these days she is enjoying kindergarten and picking on her little brother. John joined the family 2 and half years ago and he is a little clown. Baby Adrienne joined our little family in November of 2009 and is full of smiles.  

I am lucky that these three bright little people live a mile away, so they are close enough to see almost everyday. In fact, I do see them often, as I am the primary sitter when my daughter and my soon to be son-in-law are working. Now colleagues will see why I cram all my work into a few days a week, as it’s almost impossible to work online when these adorable kids are in my house.  

John and Lexie are enjoying a back porch picnic of sandwiches and spaghetti rings. It’s nice to see my daughter carrying on that tradition with my grand kids. I know my daughter and her brothers enjoyed those back porch picnics a lot.

I so miss those days of hanging with my kids, as they are grown up now.  My youngest child Timmy is a junior in high school and is looking at colleges these days. My middle child Alex is working fun time. Amber well she is a busy mom as you can see in the photograph, she also works a lot and is planning a wedding that will happen in about 6 weeks from now. Me, well I am proud to say I have raised these kids solo for 10 years now, and I am proud of who they turned out to be.

Now back to work here! Enjoy the night all.

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