Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What the world needs is music!

After years of writing on the 'net' I finally found a place to call home. Its a place where I can sit back relax, listen to great music,  and make new friends. Best of all its paid. Yeah I get paid to listen to music.. how cool is that?

Technically I am a vertical manager of the music section at  and its my 'job' to make sure the music pages are squared away. Well the ones in my section anyhow!  I create a variety of music tasks for the writers to write, after they are written they submit the tasks and if its accepted they get paid. They also make money on the page views those pages generate.

Although I do many things here on the site, one of my favorite things to do is run a page through quality control. That means I  turn the task into a live web page and get to listen to the music on that page. Yeah and I am paid to do that! Paid to listen to music and make sure its of good quality.

Anyways if you enjoy music of any type, and are a member of mahalo send me a list of your favorite music things.  I will create tasks on solo artists, bands, orchestras, choirs, albums, songs, videos and even festivals. Well that's if those topics are not already a part of the growing music section here. 

In the mean time check out this link

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