Friday, December 2, 2011

Local Flood Videos on Youtube

Playlist of 13 videos of flooding in down town Athens, Pennsylvania   these are live action videos  you hear local residents chatting in the background.  After the first, few videos you will see the flooding in the town from a boat as the officials do their tour.

This video shows the flooding that occurred, some are still shots and some are live action.  Downtown Athens, the music (rap) may put some people off. 2:14 length

We had waves lenght .57 seconds strong language alert

East Side-Sayre , PA

  video is 1.51 short and sweet.  This shows the damage, the person filming talks of the smell in the area.  Water is still present but has gone done.

Ulster is just south of us.   video is 8:28 minutes. This it live action taken in the vicinity of the Ulster Bridge  and Sheshequin.

Very nice video with folksy music showing still photographs of all the areas between Sayre and Towanda Pennsylvania  length 2:38

The following are towns  on the NY side of the border that also lay alongside the Susquehanna river.

Owego New York Flooding video shows downtown and is live action.  Person who is filming this is standing on a hill panning down over the town.

Owego: live action no sound length 1 minute   it’s a boat ride.

Old Vestal Road  flooding is present

Vestal water rushing over a bidge, no talking but you can hear the water.   Video is a bit over 2 minutes you see how fast the water runs here, at first it’s just a trickle and quickly the bridge has tons of water going over it.

NY flooding Ariel shots of the raging river. Amazing footage  

Here is the link to the book of flood photographs.

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