Monday, August 11, 2014

Venison Roast Without the Gamey Taste

To cook a venison roast is easy and if done properly it will not leave that gamey taste in your mouth. You need to select a nice venison roast, and toss it in a pan with onions, peppers and drown it in cold water, are the instructions my father gave me when he taught me how to cook a venison roast.
One large venison roast
One large green bell pepper
One large onion
Salt, pepper, and garlic to taste
Water, a deep pan and of course a cutting board
Water and the pan:
The amount of water needed depends on the size of the pan in which you will cook the venison roast. You will need a deep pan that has a cover, which will seal in the juices and aromas, but do not use a pressure cooker pan for this one.
Preparation of the meat:
Take your venison roast and cut it into smaller pieces you can chop, dice, or slice the meat, it really does not matter. However, it does cook quicker and is easier to serve if it is in bite-sized chunks at the table. There is no need to scrape fat off this meat, because there is extremely little fat here. When the meat is all chopped place it in a pan, but do not turn it on just yet.
Chop the onions and peppers into small pieces and toss them on the venison roast in the pan, add salt, pepper, and garlic until it looks right according to my dad. Now go ahead, cover all the meat and vegetables with water, and turn the burner on low and allow it too cook for until it breaks apart easily with a fork.
As the venison roast cooks, you will need to replace the water as needed, but always make sure it there is water in the pan. It is this cooking method, which removes that gamey taste. The gamey taste is what leaves the roof of your mouth feeling funky and it is why most people do not enjoy a nice venison roast.
When the meat is done, you will notice that it flakes easy with a fork and there is a nice gravy base in the pan. Go ahead and make some gravy so serve over the venison roast or the mashed potatoes.
Serve this delectable venison roast with real mashed potatoes, or even boiled potatoes but there is no reason to screw up this meal with boxed potatoes.
If you are lucky enough to have left over venison roast and that yummy gravy then it is wonderful to heat the gravy on low, chop the remaining meat into the gravy, and pour it over fresh hot pancakes!

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