Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self Published Authors 411

The goal of any novel writer is to get a book published and there are two main avenues to do this. Writers can go the self-publishing route or the traditional route of getting an agent. Which is better for profit, ease of use and reaching the ultimate goal? Read more here.

Creating an eBook
Any freelance writer who types content for a living can turn to eBooks with ease. We already have the skills, we simply need the inspiration and to be pointed in the right direction. Read more here.
One question, I am routinely asked is how do you set up Microsoft word so that it formats text eBooks correctly. It is easy just follow these systematic instructions on setting it up to format correctly. Read more here.
There are many options when it comes to your book cover. All of these options work for eBooks as well as any size of print books. Some of these options are free while others are options, which require a payment of some sort. Read more here.
If you are selling your eBook, you may wonder what the best pricing model is. Everyone has their own opinion, but there are some standards. The pricing models also seem to vary by website, type and genre of eBook. Read more here
Self-publishing eBooks for the Kindle or Nook is easy. I have my eBooks available in many places on line and I am sharing my knowledge here. Read more here.
Selling your eBooks on Amazon and Smashwords is a great idea for indie authors who want to sell eBooks. I have been doing both since October 2011 and am finding good success. Read more here.

  Create a Facebook event to help move your free eBook. This is a great way to promote your eBook and hear from your fans. It is marketing on steroids for independent authors. Adding in a few author friends will ensure you have a variety of eBooks to offer. Read more here

Selling your eBooks on Amazon is profitable but you can become a ‘bestseller’ by giving away eBooks freely. The trick is not breaking any rules so you do not jeopardize your Amazon account. Read more here.
Self-published authors have a distinct advantage over traditional published authors as we control the marketing of our books. Some self-published authors may think this is a disadvantage, but it really is not. There are ways to promote your book free. Read more here.
Firsthand experience with KDP program
Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Alice Madison Young, who wrote the book ‘I love you, I hate you a bipolar marriage’. This eBook, which is sold exclusively on Amazon, is doing quite well for a new book. Read more here
Many people wonder what the Kindle Select program will do for them. I was one of those people, who wondered about it, then I dived in and put an eBook into the program on February 7, 2012 and I am so glad I did. Read more here.

~~Goals do not happen as life does. You must work hard to make goals a reality!~~

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