Monday, December 17, 2007

The great snowman of the winter of 2006-2007 here was a giant fella, standing more than six-feet tall. How did this snowman, get to be more than six-feet tall? It was because five teenage boys who were all over six-feet tall decided to make a snowman err, giant snow penis. They fashioned this snowman after one of their teachers at school, whom they really did not like.

It is not every day that 16- and 17-year-old boys sit around talking about playing in the snow, but that is what they did one day last year, while they were sitting here in my living room. They talked of many things in that day discussing the snowman, the teachers, school, and of course the girls. I thought that that is these soon to be adult men, would have better things to do than to play in the fresh fallen snow, but an hour later they were just doing that very thing.

As the boys got it all dressed up, in their winter gear to go outside in play in the snow, I told them to be careful, and not to throw in a snowballs at my house. The boys told me they would not throw the snowballs at my house, but they could not guarantee that they would not shoot them at each other. I said that is fine, but do not throw ice balls.

These teenage boys had been outside for a long time, and that could see tracks all over my yard. Two of them were rolling this huge snowball, which must have been four foot tall, and about that wide as well, I shook my head, and went back to my book. My sons girlfriend had also joined them outside, and at barely 5 foot tall, it was funny to see her out there among all these tall boys.

The young girl came in to get a drink, and told me it was cool standing on top of the four-foot snowball, because then, she was taller than the boys were at last. I laughed at her and told her, that I hope they are behaving themselves out there, and she assured me that they were.

Even though my house is pretty well insulated, I could hear these teenage boys out there playing, laughing, and horsing around, as teenage boys often will. I began to notice that car's were starting to slow down in front of my house and drive slowly by while looking. I thought they were just watching these teenage boys out there playing in the snow it was a comical site.

I got up from my chair and opened the front door, and the teenagers' laughter was very loud. I yelled for my son and asked if everything was ok. He looked at me and says me everything was fine, and they all began to laugh very loudly. I told my son that I had hope they were not throwing the snowballs at the car, and my son assured me that they were not.

I went back to my book, and about half an hour later, that young girl comes in my house, just laughing as hard as she can, while shaking the snow off her jeans. the boys came in shortly after she did, and when she settles down from laughing she tells me very excitedly, in no uncertain terms that the boys an old fella in my yard, and he was taller than she was. She did not use the term old fella snowman, but I realize this is that PG sites, so old fella snowman will have to work.

With so much embarrassment of what this girl was telling me, I knew as a homeowner, in a neighborhood with lots of little kids I had to something. Instead, I began to laugh, and I laughed so hard when I actually seen this old fella snowman.

For you see dear reader, when I went out on my sidewalk and glanced back, at the side of the house which I could not see from the front door, stood an huge old fella snowman. Many men would have been so jealous!

The cars had been slowing down to look at the, the biggest old fella snowman, I have ever seen, he was nearly 6-foot tall, and the twins were right there beside him and they were nearly 2 feet tall. The old fella snowman even had all the usual markings that you would see if it were a real old fellow.

After I quit laughing, I told the teenagers clearly that the old fella snowman would need to be knocked down immediately, before the cops were called. You see, I live right in the middle of tone on a corner, and the Ingersoll Rand plant is just down the street. Therefore, there are all kinds of traffic on my street, on given day.

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