Friday, May 18, 2012

Dealing with Deadbeat Clients

Dealing with deadbeat clients is an unpleasant fact as they surround us all. They simply want a free ride in life and well it is not fair. Here is how I dealt with a deadbeat client.

In early January of 2012, I won my first bid on one of those freelance writing websites. I was commissioned to create a wordpress blog for 30 dollars for a man who owns a web site that gives virtual tours of a famous place. He wanted one post and a few links to his website. He wanted a 400-word blog post, and I gave him an extra 400 words free.

Now he had the two-blog posts, which came up high in the search engines. I snagged the most popular keyword phrases to help him gain rankings. I sent him the URL, and he said he approved it. I am a nice person and trusted that he would pay me. I sent him the password to the word press blog and the newly created g-mail account.

I invoiced him and he ignored it. After a week, I wrote him back and I asked for my money. Life happened, and somehow in the following months I forgot about him. I wrote hundreds more articles, blog posts and even some eBooks. Winter, turned into spring and as a working freelancer I just threw myself into work. 

On May 17, 2012, I finally remembered the work once more. It really made me mad that a man expected to get something free from me. Perhaps he thought I was one of those rich Americans. Yes, I am a rich American, rich in family and friends but not money. So I logged in to the accounts I created for him, the blog site and the g-mail both. I changed the passwords and resumed control. I then went ahead and removed his links from the blog posts.

Some people might say why not simply delete the posts from the blog, and be done with it. The answer is simple It comes up high in the search engines, and draws attention away from his web site. Some people may think this is mean spirited. Yeah some may say it is, some will say it is well-crafted revenge of a deadbeat client. I call it job satisfaction. 

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