Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dating Losers, EWW Stop me Now

Dating is rough. I hated it before marriage and now that I am single once more, I hate it even worse! Men say women are full of drama etc, ladies have you ever dated a know it all? They are full of drama and a lot of BS.

I am not a man hater. I simply hate some of the personalities they harbor! I know I have a bad personality where some men are concerned I am one of those women whose kids come first and then work does.  I keep meeting men who do not know the meaning of commitment or they want me to support their lazy butts. 

Any man I date has to take a third place unless he is willing to help to support me so I do not have to work as much. See so simple, yet so hard to attain. Anyways back on track here. If you want to read some of the personality types which men have that make them the worst dating material, check out this article.  

Ladies, have you meet a man on a dating web site that you think might be dating material? How can you check him out quietly? Trust me there are several ways to do this, without them knowing. I am going to share my methods with you ladies, right here in this article.

Ladies, when you are on the dating websites, it seems that you attract the wrong type of men. It happened so much to me that I was seriously thinking of giving up dating game. How can we change this? Find out how I did it

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