Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Posting an Article in Many Places is Easy

Freelance writers and authors are you looking for a program that allows you to post one article to multiple places at once. It is very tedious to post a link to your Facebook, and then to twitter! There is a program to combine the two of them, but I am talking about a service that allows you to post that article to a blogger blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Tumblr and a few more. Better yet, it allows you to post to multiple accounts on each of those social networks. The program or service that allows you to do this is called Posterous.

Short and sweet! Simply write a blog like post and email it to your Posterous account. Write it as if you were emailing a friend, include the links in the body of the post or add them at the end. The subject of your email becomes the title of your post. Once you send the email it automatically posts to your page over on Psterous along with any of the accounts you post to.

When it hits twitter, the title of your email will be used as the post and the URL of your blog follows it. It appears the same way to your Facebook profile but it posts the whole thing on blogs


This post is going to (title and url) (title and url) (whole post) (whole post) sign up for a free count today


Promotion of our work is hard and time consuming and I am so guilty of skipping promotion because I need to write for upfront payments. I am a very active content writer, something writing 200-300 smallish articles a month for various blogs.

I also am a published author who needs to promote both print and digital copies of my work. Posterous account allows me to do this.

Plus when I send a posterous post to a blog it updates the blog!  

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